‘Our Present is Your Future’

I saw this excellent, short, but shocking film last night, and I’d recommend it to anyone who is worried about the future of our NHS, (y’know, the one our granparents and great-grandparents supposedly fought for during the Second World War), especially healthworkers in the light of the fact that the political class in this country have engineered the bankruptcy of 30 (and rising) NHS Foundation Trusts.

Having ensured that health trusts have run-up massive debts through Private Finance Initiative funding (aka their privatisation ‘Trojan Horse’) the rich are guaranteeing a return to the obscenity of turning a profit from suffering, illness, old age and disease.  Both the Labour and Tory parties have for years assured us that the NHS was ‘safe in their hands’: They lied. And why shouldn’t they? Both parties are in the pockets of corporate finance, and corporate finance wants to abolish socialised medicine as much as they want to abolish social welfare- they don’t want a social safety net, they want to drive down wages and living standards and create a society of ‘all against all’, -but one where they are themselves protected and subsidised by the state, as in the case of PFI where the debts were originally underwritten by government at our expense. Big Pharma, medical insurance companies, associations of right wing GPs are now circling up like vultures to asset strip our hospitals and clinics.

They’re laughing at us -the vapid, vane, conceited and arrogant scum of the upper classes, the investment bankers, the media professionals, the marketing consultants, the lawyers, the consultants and the rest, as they steal our NHS from under us, happy in the knowledge that they have private health care insurance which costs them next to nothing against their vastly inflated incomes. The liberal middle classes read about in the Guardian, worry about it, then toddle off with their bleeding hearts to their 50 quid an hour therapists and Shiatsu practitioners…

But, if your Gran needs a hip replacement, your toddler has leukaemia, you break your arm at work or need meds for your diabetes, you’ll be fucked if you don’t have the readies- so what then? A pay-day loan from a tory donor’s company?

As in Greece, they are using the crisis as an opportunity to swindle us out of what we’ve already paid for, many times over.

…and remember, they’re cracking down on sickness benefits too, like forcing terminally ill cancer patients to seek work, or this guy, deaf, blind and mute, classified as ‘fit for work’:-


One thing though- Imagine how A+E departments in the UK would cope on a Saturday night if they start asking for £25 fee to be seen after waiting 3/4/5 hours. Not a pretty picture, but then I can already see a boom in the private hospital security industry -anything to turn a greasy coin.

…and they wonder why we hate them?



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2 responses to “‘Our Present is Your Future’

  1. I can’t imagine where you get your ideas about my politics from, it really is quite amusing! As for Egypt, it seems that the Muslim Brotherhood has picked up the majority vote from Egypt’s large peasant population, who are overwhelmingly religiously conservative, and the urban middle classes have voted for the military candidate, sadly leaving the liberals and progressives who actually started the ‘revolution’ totally marginalised. Still I expect the US will be happy with the result either way…since an enemy is always an ally to American military-industrial output quotas and profit-margins.

    BTW, I happen to despise all religion, particularly those of a more oppressive bent, though I have no desire to persecute those deluded enough to follow them, priests are another matter of-course, and anyone seeking to rob me of any more liberty…

    In line with most online etiquette, should you post a comment so ‘off-topic’ again, or one which reaks of your seemingly compulsive bigotry, I won’t hesitate to exercise my ‘radical editing’ privelage, since you are my guest here- Abusing me won’t earn you any Brownie points either sonny jim.

    • Tod Palin

      Point taken and accepted completely. Apologies for being off topic. I don’t like you, but I respect your blog and your efforts to combat a common enemy. (BTW this was my gloomy prediction at the startof the Arab Spring).

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