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Angry Chinese occupy government office, smash computers in environment protest…

‘Several protesters entered the city government’s main building and were seen smashing computers, overturning desks and throwing documents out the windows to loud cheers from the crowd.’


Oh dear, it seems industrial proletarians, whatever their nation, won’t take any shit whatsoever…



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THIS GREED AND PEASANT LAND (Courtesy of Danny Boyle)

Er…Yeah, thanks for that.  Nice to see the UK (Or rather ‘England’) portrayed in the Olympic opening ceremony as some sort of infantilised, bucolic, rural idyll, one then destroyed by evil, dancing, top-hatted capitalist-entrepreneur-engineers, ripping up the environment to introduce some ‘Satanic Mills’ so that we can all ultimately benefit from the vapid fruits of a heavily surveilled, banal, digital communication industry, in what has become a  post-industrial nation- All we have to offer is what you see, spin, spectacle, marketing, glitz and a debt-based economy running on empty- ‘Pretty Vacant’ never was so fucking apt- and as for ‘celebrating’ the NHS…Half the bloody Foundation Trusts are on the verge of bankruptcy, so just what there is to celebrate is beyond me- I suppose having ‘Voldemort’ and the ‘Child-catcher’ raiding Great Ormond Street Hospital could be interpreted as having a subversive, symbolic intent, or maybe it was just a load of old bollocks, along with buckets for drums and dancing, happy-smiley nurses- Please- just fuck off with that shit.

All that was missing was a troop of Tories in their hunting pinks plus a beagle pack to horsewhip the peasants and tear a fox to shreds…And then that miserable cunt, the Queen, turned up with nary a glimmer of a smile, which isn’t a suprise bcause it wasn’t all about Her Royal Muchmusty- but Charles, Camilla and Bozo Johnson all had a good laugh as a German Official heartily greeted his nation’s team with some vigorous ‘sieg heils’ (all perfectly legal in Germany, no doubt, because he used his left arm…). WHAT A WASTE OF MILLIONS, ALL SO CAMERON CAN SCHMOOZE SOME CORPORATE DEALS, AND SUBSIDISE HIS FRIENDS IN INDUSTRY!



“With around a hundred people arrested on Critical Mass yesterday, their bikes confiscated (sorry sir/madam, I need to see proof of ownership before I can let you take this bike) and them bussed out to police cells in the suburbs (presumably up before the local magistrates on Monday – bad luck if it’s Sutton) I think we can see that the state is very jumpy right now. God forbid that anything should disturb the spectacle.”

(Cheers ‘Anonymous’!)


I hear that many, many seats remain unsold for Olympic events, and that the government and LOCOG didn’t even bother to build any cycle parking for spectators…’Green’ games? My arse.


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This is one of the of the plainclothes cops spotted on the education demo on 9th November 2011, where Police intimidated protesters ‘targeted arrest’ snatch squads

– he has also been spotted escorting the Olympic torch…Not to be outdone by the secret police/special forces employed by the Chinese government for the last Olympics, the UK has a band of TSG/ NPOIU cops defending the sacred beacon of corporate advertising…


Interestingly, the TV news coverage of the torch fails to show the Lloyds-TSB, Coca Cola etc. ‘caravan’ train  following behind the torch-bearer…Giving the illusion that it is nothing but an innocent sporting event and not a franchisable fuck-fest of marketing sweat-shop consumer tat…Joseph Goebbels would be proud.









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I couldn’t agree more, for one thing, twenty is far too low a number, and hanging is such an outdated form of elimination…

‘Our Tony’-the fuckhead war criminal, banker’s whore and hypocritical christian cunt.

“Mr Blair, who has taken roles with financial institutions including U.S. investment bank JP Morgan since leaving office five years ago, said that we must not think that society will be better off ‘if we hang 20 bankers at the end of the street’.  ”





…now that’s the way to do it…



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With heatwaves and drought in America, India and Western Africa, -and flash flooding in Russia, the UK, China, Nigeria, Thailand, New Zealand, the Philipines, Bangladesh, India and Japan- forest fires in Colorado, Utah, California and New Mexico, Greece, Portugal, the Canary Islands, Canada and Spain….Landslides in Canada, the Philipines, Nepal and Ecuador…Snow in Israel and a heatwave followed by snow in Sarajevo…

Who can deny that the planet’s climate has gone fucking mad?

Now we hear that an iceburg twice the size of Manhattan has broken off from Greenland in what is being called an ‘unprecedented melt event’…Meanwhile the Jetstream over the Atlantic which has persistantly stayed north of its usual path, meaning that the Great Conveyor of warm water from the equator has been affected by the cold freshwater coming from the rapidly melting Arctic continent (never mind the tons of chemicals used by BP to suppress the oil spilled in the Gulf of Mexico)- which is also releasing vast quantities of pre-historically stored methane gas as it does so.  This gas, a prime ingredient for the greenhouse effect, is adding to the rapid changes and unpredictability of the world’s climate.

The price of foodstuffs is due to rise globally due to the damaged crops across the US and India- damaged by either rain or drought- in an unbalanced ecology…and the speculation of commodity traders (the last time that happened, it tipped the Middle East and North Africa into the ‘Arab Spring’, and precipitated famines across Africa)

Climate change deniers; corrupt politicians, capitalists, energy executives and bankers don’t give a shit for the environment, they’re too busy thinking about the short-term profitability of polluting industries and energy sources…

But the truth is difficult to hide when it becomes a worldwide phenomenon, affection billions of proletarians and peasants…If we never get rid of the rich, we’ll either starve or drown in the shit of their making…and their wealth won’t protect them, as the planet buries humanity under a silent blanket of moss, weeds, soil and silt.



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…drooling over the militarised, corporate spectacle of the Olympics (faster, higher,wealthier and poorer), it looks as if Greece may well be exiting the Euro before September, with all the consequences that implies…

See the bottom right-hand corner…

…and then Spain, and then Italy, and then France. You get the picture?


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WAR is good for BUSINESS- Invest your CHILDREN!

(Or- what the media won’t tell you)

Since the world is hurtling towards an economic catastrophe of epic proportions with the prospect of either a grinding, decades-long deflationary depression or a hyperinflationary explosion, it seems the ruling classes across the world are preparing to ‘stimulate’ the global economy and to suppress the inevitable protest against falling living standards, through what economists call ’creative destruction’, and strategists call ‘hot kinetic military action’. Or what us common people call War.

With the waning of the USA’s economic power, and the subsequent devaluation of the dollar, China is now reaping the benefits of  having become America’s ‘Most Favoured Trading Nation’ back in 1979 – and through holding billions of US Treasury bonds to backstop the US banking corporation’s debts. The irony here is that the US created China’s rapid burst of industrialisation when the greedy scum of corporate America decided to outsource their industry’s jobs abroad- seeking cheaper labour costs and demolishing the power of their domestic Trade Unions, and any collective power American industrial workers had.

China has become the world’s second most wealthy nation after the States, and naturally, its sole competitor for markets and natural resources.  Where America has withdrawn, China has stepped in, with huge investments in South America, Africa, across Asia and throughout Europe. Where America hasn’t withdrawn, it is being replaced. Meanwhile America is shifting the bulk of its forces to the future Pacific ‘theater of operations’, with an increase of troops in Australia and an enhanced naval presence…(the real only force it has left is military of-course, as its cities are all bankrupt and its deficit goes ballistic)

The current civil war in Syria, the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan are merely proxy wars with the Chinese, where they are contesting the US for nations rich in agricultural, mineral and energy resources- It’s not for nothing that the Chinese have opened one of the world’s biggest copper mines in Afghanistan, that they are constructing an entire, purpose-built port on the coast of Brazil in Guanabara Bay (reputedly the world’s largest cargo plant ever built), or that they are offering billions in aid and investments to African nations, including paying for a new headquarters for the African Union in Ethiopia, and the funding of various rebel groups across the continent, with a view to exploiting the precious metals (Gold, Coltan, Cassiterite, Wolframite ),diamonds, oil and agricultural land there. America had been forced to project ‘hard power’ into the Middle East with its illegal invasion of Iraq, thanks to the global decline in oil production and discovery (peak oil)- only now the acceleration of industrial development in China, India and Brazil means that there is greater demand for oil globally, with those nations aiming for the same level of prosperity (at least) for their middle classes that the US has enjoyed for decades- at the expense of the rest of the world, (except for Europe).

Results of a US helicopter gunship attack, Iraq 2004 (Prince Harry wants to do this)

The growing conflict with Iran, driven by the spurious claims of nuclear-armed Israel, that the Iranians are building a nuclear arsenal, is more to do with control of the Middle East’s and the Caspian Basin’s oil and gas supplies- China depends on Iran for 20% of its domestic oil consumption- and, in line with the same capitalist notion of infinite growth of production and consumption, held by the US, is seeking to maintain and capture as much oil for itself as it can. Syria, while not having great oil reserves itself is a conduit for oil supplies to the Mediterranean, (the refinery for which shares the same port as the Russian Navy’s only Med base at Tartus on the Syrian coast) with pipelines from Iraq and Iran. Afghanistan is also a future carrier of natural gas produced in the former soviet republics to its north, and the as-yet unexploited mineral reserves in its vast mountain ranges.  The Russians are, while appearing to act as a power in their own right, siding with their one-time Cold War allies because their interests are also bound up with competition with the US for resources and they will happily side with the power that favours their geo-political position, bridging Europe and Asia as they do.

Iranian Special Forces

The Chinese People’s ‘Socialist’ Republic is also pushing for control of the resource rich Spratley  and Paracel Islands in the South China Sea, off-shore oil deposits close to the coast of Vietnam, islands claimed by Japan as their own territory and for control the Malacca Strait between Indonesia and Malaysia, through which passes  a quarter of the world’s oil output and the whole  fleet of ‘Chinamax’ cargo ships- (again, the world’s largest container ships).

China Jugend

To extend their economic power militarily, China is currently building a ‘blue-water’ fleet, i.e. a fleet designed for the open Pacific ocean, as opposed to limiting its operations to coastal, territorial waters- in other words it is more offensive than defensive.  The Chinese government is also investing heavily in new hi-tech weapons to counter the US’s advantage- drones, stealth planes, submarines and ships.  Needless to say, both powers are equipped with huge arsenals of nuclear weapons…

So long, and thanks for all the plastic…

China’s insatiable demand for resources to feed it’s expanding industrial base means America as an empire is dying -however, China’s Maoist- Capitalism is running up against those thorny contradictions inherent in Capitalism raised by Marx- over-production and the increasing rate of exploitation of labour (with an increase in strikes, riots and even mass-suicides by workers enticed away from agriculture into the factories sub-contracting to Western corporations).  Coupled with a building-boom bubble and falling demand from the bankrupt west, china faces a growing risk of a mass popular outburst against the increased inequalities that industrialisation has brought and the total lack of democratic structures, far more serious than the Tiananmen Square protests  in 1989, which it suppressed with the utmost brutality…

The Chinese leadership wants the same material  rights for its people as the Americans- to drive enormous gas-guzzling SUVs, the same right to consume, own, the latest gadget that confers some kind of temporary hike in an individual’s status and self-image as a ‘valid’ person, more plastic polluting shit with which to crowd out any critical thought or social objection.

The trade and currency war has already begun, and there is talk of the Yuan supplanting the Dollar as the world’s Global Reserve Currency  for all economic transactions across the planet.

Needless to say, both the US and China are quite desperate to hang onto what they have- after all, all bourgeois elites, all ruling classes are only concerned about their own well-being – their material acquisitions, their sensual pleasures, their sociopathic need for control, and ego- satisfaction and the social systems that support them are ever only considered with the former in mind, outside of running unsustainable, fatuous, consumer-driven, materialistic societies.

Without keeping ‘the game’ going, the rich across the world are staring into an abyss of proletarian revolt – their solution is war and dictatorship in one form or another- never mind that they are essentially the different sides of the same coin- Imperial America has created and nurtured Imperial China- The corporate suits, the chambermaid rapists, the Party-Comrade paedophiles and the bonused-up banker are all insane enough to push the whole planet into a war which threatens the very survival of our species.

When the war comes we will see a whole new host of ‘new generation’ weapons- fully autonomous killer robots, far surpassing the drones we see now;  microwave and direct energy beam weapons  (which can melt entire vehicles in seconds and cook people); Electro-Magnetic Pulse bombs to ‘zap’ all electronic systems; biological and cyber-weapons hitherto undreamed of. America hopes to put paid to the ‘Vietnam’ problem by automating its forces- less body-bags are supposed to ensure more public support- with US opinion happy to accept dead Muslims rather than dead Americans.

Violence to the upper classes is an abstraction- a ‘sacred obscenity’, to be unleashed upon the world if they do not get their way. (Word has it that bankers and such are investing in what is called ‘defensible  land’- basically rural, self-sufficient retreats for them to ride-out what looks increasingly likely to be a near total collapse of ‘civilisation’ as they know it). They care little for the ‘Jarheads’ who will die or be mutilated or irradiated, nor the tiny children whose delicate bodies are shredded and obliterated by the ‘flechettes’ of cluster bombs (what kind of human being designs those things?).

No, you won’t hear any of this from the media , at least not until they are ready to tell us, and probably only as an attempt to distract us from the ongoing economic implosion- but not least because the media will never admit that wars are fought for base material, economic ,reasons- because that leads to all sorts of other questions- see how the facts of Iraq war, (the contracts won, the money made, the oil secured, the lies about ‘weapons of mass destruction’) have now become common knowledge- but with this understanding comes the question- who benefits- and the answer is invariably- The Rich, and no one else.

So here we are- With Us and Russian warships gathering in the Mediterranean  and the Gulf, an attack on Syria (reputedly holding ‘weapons of mass destruction’-yawn), will lead to war with Iran, and the closure of the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf- effectively strangling the world’s oil supply- and then affecting the west’s economy-whether China and Russia become involved is anyone’s guess, but given the current state of the global economy, it seems safe to say that a great war is not far off.  The butchery will be immense, the suffering terrible, the profits huge…In 1912 no-one ever really expected the First World War to be the war it became- the magnitude, the duration, or the horror…


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Like it or not, believe it or not, hide from it or deny it- whatever your politics, whatever your beliefs, whatever your class, race or nation. Our Mis-Leaders are taking us back to the darkest times our species have ever known, and then some…


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I fully expect the Met to now posthumously charge Ian Tomlinson with attempted criminal damage to PC Harwood’s baton, the paving stones he landed on, and for wasting Police time…

Met police officers are never guilty of anything EVER. They are above the law and certainly not subject to any legal sanction, unlike us ‘Scrotes’ and ‘SNAFUs’, the sun shines out of every officer’s orifices, they are meek and mild, kind and wise, and in their spare time, they ride unicorns for charity…



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British Government admits to Kenyan atrocities…

– and about bloody time too. Thousands of Kenyan Kikuyu people were raped, tortured, castrated, mutilated, burnt imprisoned and murdered by ‘our brave boys’ in the army, all in the name of ‘Queen , Country and Empire’,  Entire communities were also forceably resettled into what were euphemistically called ‘strategic hamlets’- basically concentration camps.- all the while, the insurgents against British Imperial rule were described as ‘savage’ and ‘bestial’ by the British government, intent on protecting “some of the richest agricultural soils in the world, mostly in districts where the elevation and climate make it possible for Europeans to reside permanently.”-plantations of tea, coffee and corn, grazing for livelstock and mineral deposits.

It is estimated that 25,000 Kenyans were systematically killed by Imperial forces…whereas only 32 white settlers died in the uprising- which gives us a pretty good idea of the value the racist Brits put on African life- this less than ten years after the Nazis holocaust of the jews and their racial mass murder of slavs and gypsies…(In fact the mass murder in Kenya began in the late 1890s:- an officer in the Imperial British East Africa Company asserted, “There is only one way to improve the Wakikuyu [and] that is wipe them out; I should be only too delighted to do so, but we have to depend on them for food supplies”)

Nevertheless, The UK  government says the claims for justice and compensation are not valid because of the amount of time that has elapsed since the atrocities happened, and that any liability rests with the Kenyan authorities after independence was declared in 1963- which is like the German government telling their Polish, Greek, French or Israeli victims to make claims from their own nations. Sick, racist, thieving hypocritical BASTARDS.

Justice? Democracy? Human Rights? Imperial Capitalist Bullshit.



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WHERE EVERY LITTLE (boss) HELPS (themselves)…

Here in the UK we’ve been a little slow in publicly joining the ranks of the most corrupt nations on Earth, but we are doing our very best to catch up.  There’s very little that has gone untouched in the great bonanza of Great British Graft, and naturally our bourgeois crooks operate with impeccable politeness and discretion, bringing an air of graciousness to the high table of fraudulence…They smile as they pick your pockets.


Where to start? Well, first off, naturally,  there’s the banks, all as bent as a ‘nine pound note’, what with LIBOR rate fixing, oil price fixing, miss-selling of products, inside-dealing and over-charging of businesses and individuals,  and the entire shadow banking system…then there’s the politicians, caught with their snouts deep in the trough of expenses, cash for honours, cash for questions, cash for influence, the various ‘hospitalities’ of corporate lobbying, tax dodging and various kickbacks.  All of this has been going on for years unreported by the politician’s friends in the media- the old Oxbridge Mafia at work … But they were too busy with their own racket.  The press (particularly, but not exclusively, News International,) have been  illegally hacking the phones and email accounts of murder victims, ‘war heroes’, celebrities, ordinary people and their families, all with the full knowledge of the Police who were happy to receive ‘compensation’ for the information they passed on to their journo friends, that’s when they weren’t getting bribes from other sources of income (out of 8,500 allegations only 13 cops have been prosecuted and found guilty over three years). Then there’s their mates, the IPCC, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which singularly fails to secure convictions against cops, time and time again, hardly surprising since it is mainly staffed by ex-police and associated professions… Like the Civil Service, senior members of which who have been recently revealed to be avoiding tax through some creative accounting, all by turning themselves into private companies and by being paid ‘off payroll’…


Meanwhile, private corporations are reaping the benefits of state sanctioned tax evasion by being registered abroad, or by coming to cosy agreements with the HMRC in order to elicit more investment in the UK- and business is doing very well out of scamming their ‘valued customers’, with price-fixing in the energy  and mobile phone industries being rampant, not to mention the supermarkets manipulating their pricing to con shoppers out of what little income they have with specious mark-downs and special offers , companies like Tesco and Asda  (Tesco with 290,000 employees is the largest single private employer in the UK) pay low wages to their staff, cut jobs through automation, then rip-off customers with ‘creative price structures’ and use free labour provided by unwaged people through the government’s ‘Workfare’ programmes, run by companies such as  A4E who were found to be screwing the government by fiddling their figures and providing a bollocks service for the unemployed…Naturally the big retail companies need planning permission for their megastores, which is where they come up against the Councillors and Planning Officers of Local Government , and how often do they ever say ‘No’? Graft; pure and simple.




This country is rotten to the core with corruption-yet we are somehow supposed to believe that those in power are worthy of our respect, that we should be ‘proud of our country’-But it isn’t ours, it belongs to those with wealth and their businesses- and to them, we’re nothing but shit on their shoe, or at best, a means to an financial end.


So the rich are getting richer, and stay rich, through legal, semi-legal and illegal methods, they then bend over backwards to hold every last greasy penny for themselves, protecting their wealth ‘off-shore’ through tax avoidance schemes or, disgustingly, through charity tax-relief…all this even though the greedy cunts are under-taxed as it is.

The rest of us meanwhile, if we’re not being diddled through bullshit car insurance, stolen pensions, inflated mobile phone charges, paying higher electricity and gas rates than the middle classes with commercially imposed pre-pay metering- (in a perverse inversion of economics), are paying higher prices for every fucking thing. The poorer we become, the sicker we get, but the racket of PFI and the NHS, with private companies using our hospitals as a conduit for their profits, getting rich and bankrupting our health service at the same time, will ensure this too will become a pay as you go service- Our hospitals will go the same way as the care homes owned and run by inhuman cunts who treat the elderly and the disabled like cash cows, not people.


The elected and un-elected middle and upper classes in this country are taking the piss, they think we don’t remember their ‘past indiscretions’ or that we know they are a bunch of thieving, lying shitbags- the very ‘people’ we are supposed to ‘look up to’, ‘admire’ and ‘respect’, along with the ‘law of the land’- which was written by them, and their predecessors, for their own benefit. As it is, Capitalism is a system predicated on exploitation and people’s uninformed consent to it- and now since there is so little opposition to such an immoral political-economy based on the theft of time and labour –the rich fuckers are running riot in a glorious orgy of blatant profit making, bonuses and self-enrichment, gorging themselves on the wealth created by our class. We’re also expected to swallow the lie of austerity on top of all this bullshit. Dishonesty is a virtue for them, so long as they don’t get caught- and when they do, their idea of contrition is to ‘apologise’- the rest of us, however, get fucked into the ground by the judicial system for even the most minor infraction of property law…

Democracy never was such a joke. The arrogant politicians are all on the take and only ever represent their own class interests. They only see the rest of us as just sheep, waiting to be fleeced, eaten and shat out.

Day after day, month after month, the scandals flood out like an enormous backwash of decadent slurry –

How much longer will people tolerate this deluge of shit from these filthy, rich, arseholes?  When will WE make them PAY?








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…After the German Constitutional Court ruled that the  circumcision of boys was a form of inflicting bodily harm, Chancellor Merkel has vowed to ‘protect the religious freedom’ of Jewish and Muslim Priests to ‘responsibly’ hack pieces off innocent kids, and find a way around the ruling- By extension, she no doubt thinks that the removal of young girl’s clitoris and labia, the stoning to death of adulterers, the throwing of widows onto their husbands funeral pyres, the mass global rape of children, or opposition to a woman’s right to abortion and any number of atrocities committed in the name of the delusion called ‘god’ promoted by the filthy priests of the Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other religions, are, apparently ‘freedoms’ to be protected…

Bourgeois law makes ‘liberal exceptions’ to atone for its past sins- all the while posturing as ‘modern’, ‘just’ and ‘for human rights’…






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