Fukushima Mon Amour

Up to 200,000 people protested in Tokyo last Friday, in one of the biggest demonstrations Japan has seen since the 1960s. People took to the streets to oppose the restart of the Japanese nuclear industy’s reactors, the entire system having been shut down since last year’s earthquake and tsunami devastated the east coast of Japan and caused the ongoing catastrophe at the Fukushima-Daiichi plant.  The Japanese nuclear power industry and banks have, in the pursuit of profit, pressured the government into allowing the restart, despite popular opposition, and the fact that the quadruple meltdown at Fukushima is at least ten times worse than the 1989 Chernobyl disaster (where even today the reactor is still bleeding radioactivity into the atomosphere).

This protest, and most of the necessarily negative facts about the disaster, have been systematically suppressed by the corporate media in Japan and across the world, in what is tantamount to a total information black-out. The Japanese government were so afraid of the wrath of their own people that they surrounded the Prime Ministers residence with armoured vehicles…

The failure of the Japanese government, the power corporation TEPCO, and the Japanese military has lead to a situation where they are barely able to contain the meltdown of the four shattered reactors- and where the decades long solution to ‘entomb’ the reactors with hundreds of thousands of tons of concrete depends on whether they can prevent one or more of the reactors from going into ‘critical mass’ again by keeping them constantly cooled with seawater- and there still remains a strong risk of a large nuclear explosion occurring, especially in Reactor No.4 which holds a spent-fuel pool containing 85 times the amount of radioactive Caesium that was held at Chernobyl…and all of this in the worlds most active earthquake zone.

Fukushima is slowly poisoning Japan on land, sea and air (not helped by the government burning radioactive waste materials), and still threatens to contaminate the entire country, leading to an epidemic of radiation poisoning, cancers, birth deformities, developmental anomalies in nature, and reproductive sterility.  The Japanese government at the beginning of the crisis considered evacuating the entire population of Japan (35 million people), and may well have to do so again.

There remains a strong possiblity that should an explosion occur, the entire northern hemisphere will be affected and blanketed in an invisible fog of poisonous radiation- already contamination has been detected on the west coast of America, and in tuna fish across the Pacific ocean.  The US government has, in line with the Japanese, simply downplayed the dangers and manipulated the figures for the safe levels of radiation in the environment.

Nuclear power as it stands, was only ever developed for only two reasons- for profit and for nuclear weapons.

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