‘Police feared for their lives’- is it any wonder?

‘“They hate us, with a vengeance,” said a Liverpool officer’

The joint report by The Guardian and the LSE has revealed just how unprepared the government and police were during last summer’s riots- that there was a breakdown in communication, that senior officers were nowhere to be seen, that Mutual Aid failed to work because various forces were on a different radio wavelength, (and in the case of the Met, they were too proud to call on provincial forces for support,  even though 22/32 London Boroughs were rioting), often forced to rely on their personal mobiles, that they were outnumbered, under-resourced and out-foxed by the working class  insurgents and expropriators…

Of-course the coppers could just be ‘talking up their book’- with the emphasis on resisting the  government’s cuts,  although it has to be said that the Tories are such a bunch of gormless, braying, and chinless twits, they really don’t care if they cut policing to the bone and alienate the traditionally loyal praetorian guard of the rich. So naturally the cops are talking about the riots -uprisings- happening again, and that the number of cops used to swamp London was equivalent to the number of jobs being cut-16,000- oh dear.

Meanwhile, Tom Winsor, the newly appointed Chief Inspector of Constabulary- the government’s hatchet man for the Old Bill- has said that coppers spend ‘too much time behind desks, and not enough fighting crime’- So, after cutting the Brown Envelope Investigation Dept, and the ‘He fell down the Stairs’ Unit I’m guessing he won’t be getting an invite to the Police Benevolent Fund  Ball …

Naturally, the bourgeois media has decided to all but ignore what has happened to Mark Duggan’s Inquest, almost a year on from his death, with the coroner ordering the IPCC to hand over what little evidence, they have (which has not been suppressed by the police for ‘operational reasons’) and the Coroner has  even threatened them with contempt of court…

Perhaps the mystery of the magical pistol in a sock, that allegedly lead to Mark’s shooting which caused the riots will, one day, be solved- although Mark’s aunt Carole Duggan isn’t holding her breath, saying  that “They [the IPCC] are incompetent and they should be abolished… we do not trust them, they have to be abolished.”


Why will riots happen again? Perhaps because the police keep causing deaths in custody, because they call those of us who don’t fit their model ideal of citizenship ‘SNAFU’s (Sub-Normal And Fucking Useless), because nobody respects them for being the watchdogs of the wealthy propping up a grotesque society of inequality, because they treat people like shit, because they dish out brutal violence with relish, because they are incapable of treating working class, black and asian people like human beings, because they treat rape victims like dirt, because they have killed far too many people in custody…

Yes, the riots will happen again- and next time the people will have learned the lessons of last year- they will be completely masked and will destroy any camera they can get their hands on…

‘one superintendent from Greater Manchester police said he expected more disorder within the year.

“I think if you have bad economic times, hot weather, some sort of an event that sets it off … my answer is: yes, it could,” he said. “Because I don’t think anything has changed between now and last August, and the only thing that’s different is people have thought: riots are fun.’

“We arrested 300 people [in Salford and Manchester] and we sent a powerful message, but a lot of people on the periphery got away with it. Probably, if I was them, I’d have thought: yeah, I’d do it again, and probably get away with it next time.”




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