Ha-ha-ha, Eva Rausing, a member of the family that got super-rich off their Tetra-Pak drink cartons empire has apparently been found as dead as a doornail in one of their over-priced houses in Cadogan Place, Belgravia.

The media is reporting this death as being ‘unexplained’. (wink,wink,nod,nod!)

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said a 49-year-old man had been arrested in connection with her death and on suspicion of possession of drugs…

In 2008 Mrs Rausing, an American, and her husband Hans Kristian Rausing faced charges after crack, heroin and 52g of cocaine were found in their tasteful bourgeois palace: THE IDLE RICH FUCKERS. Hans Kristian Rausing is by strange coincidence also 49yrs old.

Mr Rausing stands to inherit the £5.4bn carton business, a fortune made from environmental and labour exploitation,  through the Tetra Laval milk carton, patented by Ruben Rausing in the 1960s. It allows milk to be kept fresh without refrigeration…perhaps the expired Eva can be kept in one until she’s buried, unless she’s already perfectly chemically preserved…




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