The TUC has a new General Secretary…



Whoop-de-fucking-doo, and she’s a woman too- but one who will be on a six-figure salary, one who hasn’t worked in the real world since 1975 (cushy little number those union bureaucrat jobs), one who wasn’t elected by the membership, but by the leadership- unopposed.  Naturally EdMil is behind her 100% cos she’s another Labour stooge, vitually guaraneeting union passivity to the theft of our jobs and services by the boss class.  Like Unite who recently said they had a £25m strike fund- a few days after announcing that 82% of its members couldn’t make their paypacket last the month- they’re doing sod-all about any of the cuts, apart from the odd, desultory, token and harmless strike.

On October 20 this year the TUC plans to hold a mass protest in London, with all the usual fearsome equipage of the unions- big balloons (it’s a happy party comrade!), banners, those sodding vuvuzelas (which effectively drown out any angry chanting) and a whole heap of fiery rhetoric from a bunch over-paid union bosses, cunts who give as much as a toss for their rank and file as the Tories do (and why should they- on their pay, private healthcare and pensions are a doddle).

Dave Prentis, general secretary of Unison and non-executive member on the board of the Bank of England, has warned of an ‘explosion’ over the public sector pay freeze- but I suspect the only explosion we’ll see will be one of hot air, from soon to be Lord Prentis’ gob, as he belches out the usual empty words while the tories asset-strip the working class’ hard won social gains. The Cunt.

I can’t wait to see how this will be policed- more German-style, boxed-in, mobile kettles no doubt.  I suppose the Black Bloc will make an appearance, which is all good and well, but trashing the city without explaining your reasons to other proles, is counter-productive. Personally, I’d like to see militant, autonomous, workers doing a good natured ‘conga’ through the middle and up and down the length of the demo, distributing a radical critique of the union movement, the cuts, the demo and any trouble which may or may not occur…

But then I’m optimistic about nothing.





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