…and the spectacle’s Nazi origins, and the corporate feeding-frenzy surrounding it all.  See how the government panders to big business to suppress dissent and control advertising, see how their fear of disorder has ensured the biggest peacetime mobilisation of British troops, with a force larger than that currently occupying Afghanistan… Watch as chemically enhanced athletes compete hard for the best sponsorship and marketing deals, see the under-financed national infrastructure crumble before your very eyes, and the free market fail to deliver ‘security’, as G4S struggles to find cheap labour that doesn’t have a criminal record, and is prepared to sleep in a carpark for the duration…until the army steps in, with cheap labour that can be ordered to rumage through handbags…and sleep in carparks- or on roofs with missiles…I hope it pisses down with rain all through, in honour of Dow Chemicals contribution to the cause of climate change and the mass murder and wounding of thousands in the Bhopal disaster…then all the rich scumbags who were given, or could afford tickets, get a good soaking, catch pneumonia and fucking DIE!

Nazi Olympic origins


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  1. Aidan

    Nice, punchy and nothing to disagree with you there. Keep it coming.

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