WHERE EVERY LITTLE (boss) HELPS (themselves)…

Here in the UK we’ve been a little slow in publicly joining the ranks of the most corrupt nations on Earth, but we are doing our very best to catch up.  There’s very little that has gone untouched in the great bonanza of Great British Graft, and naturally our bourgeois crooks operate with impeccable politeness and discretion, bringing an air of graciousness to the high table of fraudulence…They smile as they pick your pockets.


Where to start? Well, first off, naturally,  there’s the banks, all as bent as a ‘nine pound note’, what with LIBOR rate fixing, oil price fixing, miss-selling of products, inside-dealing and over-charging of businesses and individuals,  and the entire shadow banking system…then there’s the politicians, caught with their snouts deep in the trough of expenses, cash for honours, cash for questions, cash for influence, the various ‘hospitalities’ of corporate lobbying, tax dodging and various kickbacks.  All of this has been going on for years unreported by the politician’s friends in the media- the old Oxbridge Mafia at work … But they were too busy with their own racket.  The press (particularly, but not exclusively, News International,) have been  illegally hacking the phones and email accounts of murder victims, ‘war heroes’, celebrities, ordinary people and their families, all with the full knowledge of the Police who were happy to receive ‘compensation’ for the information they passed on to their journo friends, that’s when they weren’t getting bribes from other sources of income (out of 8,500 allegations only 13 cops have been prosecuted and found guilty over three years). Then there’s their mates, the IPCC, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which singularly fails to secure convictions against cops, time and time again, hardly surprising since it is mainly staffed by ex-police and associated professions… Like the Civil Service, senior members of which who have been recently revealed to be avoiding tax through some creative accounting, all by turning themselves into private companies and by being paid ‘off payroll’…


Meanwhile, private corporations are reaping the benefits of state sanctioned tax evasion by being registered abroad, or by coming to cosy agreements with the HMRC in order to elicit more investment in the UK- and business is doing very well out of scamming their ‘valued customers’, with price-fixing in the energy  and mobile phone industries being rampant, not to mention the supermarkets manipulating their pricing to con shoppers out of what little income they have with specious mark-downs and special offers , companies like Tesco and Asda  (Tesco with 290,000 employees is the largest single private employer in the UK) pay low wages to their staff, cut jobs through automation, then rip-off customers with ‘creative price structures’ and use free labour provided by unwaged people through the government’s ‘Workfare’ programmes, run by companies such as  A4E who were found to be screwing the government by fiddling their figures and providing a bollocks service for the unemployed…Naturally the big retail companies need planning permission for their megastores, which is where they come up against the Councillors and Planning Officers of Local Government , and how often do they ever say ‘No’? Graft; pure and simple.




This country is rotten to the core with corruption-yet we are somehow supposed to believe that those in power are worthy of our respect, that we should be ‘proud of our country’-But it isn’t ours, it belongs to those with wealth and their businesses- and to them, we’re nothing but shit on their shoe, or at best, a means to an financial end.


So the rich are getting richer, and stay rich, through legal, semi-legal and illegal methods, they then bend over backwards to hold every last greasy penny for themselves, protecting their wealth ‘off-shore’ through tax avoidance schemes or, disgustingly, through charity tax-relief…all this even though the greedy cunts are under-taxed as it is.

The rest of us meanwhile, if we’re not being diddled through bullshit car insurance, stolen pensions, inflated mobile phone charges, paying higher electricity and gas rates than the middle classes with commercially imposed pre-pay metering- (in a perverse inversion of economics), are paying higher prices for every fucking thing. The poorer we become, the sicker we get, but the racket of PFI and the NHS, with private companies using our hospitals as a conduit for their profits, getting rich and bankrupting our health service at the same time, will ensure this too will become a pay as you go service- Our hospitals will go the same way as the care homes owned and run by inhuman cunts who treat the elderly and the disabled like cash cows, not people.


The elected and un-elected middle and upper classes in this country are taking the piss, they think we don’t remember their ‘past indiscretions’ or that we know they are a bunch of thieving, lying shitbags- the very ‘people’ we are supposed to ‘look up to’, ‘admire’ and ‘respect’, along with the ‘law of the land’- which was written by them, and their predecessors, for their own benefit. As it is, Capitalism is a system predicated on exploitation and people’s uninformed consent to it- and now since there is so little opposition to such an immoral political-economy based on the theft of time and labour –the rich fuckers are running riot in a glorious orgy of blatant profit making, bonuses and self-enrichment, gorging themselves on the wealth created by our class. We’re also expected to swallow the lie of austerity on top of all this bullshit. Dishonesty is a virtue for them, so long as they don’t get caught- and when they do, their idea of contrition is to ‘apologise’- the rest of us, however, get fucked into the ground by the judicial system for even the most minor infraction of property law…

Democracy never was such a joke. The arrogant politicians are all on the take and only ever represent their own class interests. They only see the rest of us as just sheep, waiting to be fleeced, eaten and shat out.

Day after day, month after month, the scandals flood out like an enormous backwash of decadent slurry –

How much longer will people tolerate this deluge of shit from these filthy, rich, arseholes?  When will WE make them PAY?









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2 responses to “WELCOME TO TESCOLAND…

  1. Chassidyq

    It is the same exact thing here in America. Glad to know that I’m not the only one getting mad. Feels like no one else cares and are basically happy getting in the ass so they continue their lives of zombie-like addiction to computers, televisions, and all other electronic driven slavery.

  2. Greg

    Excellent polemic Incubus. It should be spread far and wide….

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