British Government admits to Kenyan atrocities…

– and about bloody time too. Thousands of Kenyan Kikuyu people were raped, tortured, castrated, mutilated, burnt imprisoned and murdered by ‘our brave boys’ in the army, all in the name of ‘Queen , Country and Empire’,  Entire communities were also forceably resettled into what were euphemistically called ‘strategic hamlets’- basically concentration camps.- all the while, the insurgents against British Imperial rule were described as ‘savage’ and ‘bestial’ by the British government, intent on protecting “some of the richest agricultural soils in the world, mostly in districts where the elevation and climate make it possible for Europeans to reside permanently.”-plantations of tea, coffee and corn, grazing for livelstock and mineral deposits.

It is estimated that 25,000 Kenyans were systematically killed by Imperial forces…whereas only 32 white settlers died in the uprising- which gives us a pretty good idea of the value the racist Brits put on African life- this less than ten years after the Nazis holocaust of the jews and their racial mass murder of slavs and gypsies…(In fact the mass murder in Kenya began in the late 1890s:- an officer in the Imperial British East Africa Company asserted, “There is only one way to improve the Wakikuyu [and] that is wipe them out; I should be only too delighted to do so, but we have to depend on them for food supplies”)

Nevertheless, The UK  government says the claims for justice and compensation are not valid because of the amount of time that has elapsed since the atrocities happened, and that any liability rests with the Kenyan authorities after independence was declared in 1963- which is like the German government telling their Polish, Greek, French or Israeli victims to make claims from their own nations. Sick, racist, thieving hypocritical BASTARDS.

Justice? Democracy? Human Rights? Imperial Capitalist Bullshit.




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