With heatwaves and drought in America, India and Western Africa, -and flash flooding in Russia, the UK, China, Nigeria, Thailand, New Zealand, the Philipines, Bangladesh, India and Japan- forest fires in Colorado, Utah, California and New Mexico, Greece, Portugal, the Canary Islands, Canada and Spain….Landslides in Canada, the Philipines, Nepal and Ecuador…Snow in Israel and a heatwave followed by snow in Sarajevo…

Who can deny that the planet’s climate has gone fucking mad?

Now we hear that an iceburg twice the size of Manhattan has broken off from Greenland in what is being called an ‘unprecedented melt event’…Meanwhile the Jetstream over the Atlantic which has persistantly stayed north of its usual path, meaning that the Great Conveyor of warm water from the equator has been affected by the cold freshwater coming from the rapidly melting Arctic continent (never mind the tons of chemicals used by BP to suppress the oil spilled in the Gulf of Mexico)- which is also releasing vast quantities of pre-historically stored methane gas as it does so.  This gas, a prime ingredient for the greenhouse effect, is adding to the rapid changes and unpredictability of the world’s climate.

The price of foodstuffs is due to rise globally due to the damaged crops across the US and India- damaged by either rain or drought- in an unbalanced ecology…and the speculation of commodity traders (the last time that happened, it tipped the Middle East and North Africa into the ‘Arab Spring’, and precipitated famines across Africa)

Climate change deniers; corrupt politicians, capitalists, energy executives and bankers don’t give a shit for the environment, they’re too busy thinking about the short-term profitability of polluting industries and energy sources…

But the truth is difficult to hide when it becomes a worldwide phenomenon, affection billions of proletarians and peasants…If we never get rid of the rich, we’ll either starve or drown in the shit of their making…and their wealth won’t protect them, as the planet buries humanity under a silent blanket of moss, weeds, soil and silt.




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