THIS GREED AND PEASANT LAND (Courtesy of Danny Boyle)

Er…Yeah, thanks for that.  Nice to see the UK (Or rather ‘England’) portrayed in the Olympic opening ceremony as some sort of infantilised, bucolic, rural idyll, one then destroyed by evil, dancing, top-hatted capitalist-entrepreneur-engineers, ripping up the environment to introduce some ‘Satanic Mills’ so that we can all ultimately benefit from the vapid fruits of a heavily surveilled, banal, digital communication industry, in what has become a  post-industrial nation- All we have to offer is what you see, spin, spectacle, marketing, glitz and a debt-based economy running on empty- ‘Pretty Vacant’ never was so fucking apt- and as for ‘celebrating’ the NHS…Half the bloody Foundation Trusts are on the verge of bankruptcy, so just what there is to celebrate is beyond me- I suppose having ‘Voldemort’ and the ‘Child-catcher’ raiding Great Ormond Street Hospital could be interpreted as having a subversive, symbolic intent, or maybe it was just a load of old bollocks, along with buckets for drums and dancing, happy-smiley nurses- Please- just fuck off with that shit.

All that was missing was a troop of Tories in their hunting pinks plus a beagle pack to horsewhip the peasants and tear a fox to shreds…And then that miserable cunt, the Queen, turned up with nary a glimmer of a smile, which isn’t a suprise bcause it wasn’t all about Her Royal Muchmusty- but Charles, Camilla and Bozo Johnson all had a good laugh as a German Official heartily greeted his nation’s team with some vigorous ‘sieg heils’ (all perfectly legal in Germany, no doubt, because he used his left arm…). WHAT A WASTE OF MILLIONS, ALL SO CAMERON CAN SCHMOOZE SOME CORPORATE DEALS, AND SUBSIDISE HIS FRIENDS IN INDUSTRY!



“With around a hundred people arrested on Critical Mass yesterday, their bikes confiscated (sorry sir/madam, I need to see proof of ownership before I can let you take this bike) and them bussed out to police cells in the suburbs (presumably up before the local magistrates on Monday – bad luck if it’s Sutton) I think we can see that the state is very jumpy right now. God forbid that anything should disturb the spectacle.”

(Cheers ‘Anonymous’!)


I hear that many, many seats remain unsold for Olympic events, and that the government and LOCOG didn’t even bother to build any cycle parking for spectators…’Green’ games? My arse.



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