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Franz Kafka would be proud-

‘The 270 miners arrested over this month’s violent strikes in South Africa have been charged with the murder of their 34 colleagues who were shot dead by police’, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The ANC regime’s rationale for this surreal police decision is a piece of “common purpose” legislation much favoured by apartheid governments from Verwoerd to Botha. It “places responsibility for any fatal confrontation with armed police on whoever challenges them” confirmed Frank Lesenyego, spokesman for South Africa’s National Prosecuting Authority.

Doubtless in future, any striking workers can be now mown down to pre-emptively prevent them from ‘murdering’ their comrades…

Fucking insane.




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As of tommorow, the squatting of residential properties will be a criminal offence, as opposed to a matter of civil law, with a penalty of 6 months in prison, a £5000 fine, or both.

There are currently 720,000 empty properties in the UK and a growing army of homeless people.  Successive governments have deliberately chosen not to build more social housing, leaving people at the mercy of the grotesquely overpriced private sector.  This law is nothing but a landlords charter to exploit the homeless- that’s if they can afford the enormous and usually un-redeemable deposit, plus the advance rent (which is rising all the time due to demand).  The government wants to uphold the sanctity of private property rights and the principle of profit at the expense of ordinary people desparate to find shelter.

The real crime here is the lack of affordable housing and the houses left to rot by property speculators.  There is nothing quite as despicable as an idle, parasitic rentier who lives off, and profits by,the basic needs of people.

Scare stories in the press of a minority of fuckwits who actually squat lived-in homes only serves to manipulate public opinion, and once rough-sleeping increases thanks to this new law, street homeless will face further demonisation.  It’s a sad fact that grubby little landlordism and speculation can also exist within the squatting scene, with people cracking squats and then selling keys to homeless people, and middle class types squatting so they can save a deposit to buy property-( I’ve seen both happen when I was squatting).  around the world in thousands of squatted shanty towns and favelas, tin shacks and hovels are rented out to those with fuck-all income, by landlords who claim property rights where none ever existed…

I wonder just how a ‘buy to let’ property can be classified as being ‘residential, when it has been bought solely to rent out…Residential squatting may be illegal now, but that won’t stop people from occupying commercial properties, and turning them into their homes…SO SQUAT THE LOT!



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I am nothing but a drummer boy, and so the beat goes on…

After the Storm – The 11 Stages of the Crash

‘Day of Economic Reckoning Is Near’

Microsoft’s Professor Emmott: “We’re fucked”

…and you won’t find any of this on the sodding British Bullshit Corporation or on Sly News…




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SUMMER 1914-

To the average man or woman in Britain during the summer of 1914 the world carried on much as usual. The news that an Archduke Ferdinand had been murdered in central Europe meant nothing to most people, and as far as enemies were concerned they felt it a good idea to keep a wary eye on the French. Buoyant financial markets had initially shrugged off the assassination of the Archduke; there was far greater concern about the possibility of a civil war in Ireland. Certain newspapers such as the Daily Mail had been warning for years of the “German menace” but nobody paid them much attention…There was no general public fear of war or awareness that war was in the air, simply because it was not. Across the Western world, it was by and large true that ordinary people felt no apprehension. There leaders who worried — but in the winter and spring of 1914, not even they expected war to break out in the summer. The political situation in Europe in summer 1914 was the most peaceful there had been for several years. There was an almost complete lack of international tension. The matters concerning the man on the’ Clapham Omnibus’ were Irish Home Rule with a real threat of civil strife, universal suffrage votes for women, and especially mass industrial unrest from syndicalist unions . The Great Unrest, between 1910-14, (an episode totally ignored in the accepted history of the country). Everyone is taught about how the ‘progressive’ Liberal government of the time, basking in the sweet Edwardian glow of massive income inequality, cleared slums, introduced some social security legislation, and reformed the House of Lords. No-one is taught that these grand reformers were actually hated at the time. Hated by the suffragettes and hated by the working class.

There was a general idea that Britain would go to war with Germany at some point in the future with international tensions heightened by the Moroccan crises between 1905 and 1911. There had also been a trend in popular fiction for several years, in Britain, of ‘Invasion novels’ and in Germany of ‘future-war’ books, as the Anglo-German arms-race accelerated. War with Germany was accepted as inevitable by officers and the educated classes in the main, if not universally. This was despite the German-British Friendship with the close blood relations between Royal families of both empires; both sides believed that when war did come, it would be a short, ‘gentlemanly’ affair, as recent wars in Europe had been (but ignoring the bloody years-long civil war in the USA). There was also the argument that international trade was so vital to a country like Britain that any war would be quickly ended and the differences solved by diplomacy. A related argument was that modern war was so expensive that no country could afford to wage war for more than a few months. There was a strong feeling that modern European countries were too civilised to wage war against each other so again, sense would prevail very quickly and differences settled by negotiation…

When war was suddenly declared there were spontaneous outbursts of joyous patriotism as nations mobilised their forces and both sides still believed, and publicly stated, that the war would end soon. The Kaiser told his troops that they’d be, “home before the leaves have fallen from the trees,” and one German officer said he expected to be in Paris by ‘Sedan-day’, about six weeks away. Germany only stockpiled enough potassium nitrate for gunpowder for six months. Russian officers similarly expected to be in Berlin in six weeks, the British famously expected the war to be ‘over by Christmas’ and those who suggested that the war would last for six months were considered pessimists…

What they also don’t teachabout the origins of the First World War-was that the stock market panic of 1907 had caused enormous instability in credit markets and a massive ongoing crisis in banking liquidity and the fragile and untrustworthy gold standard .

Just before war broke out, Austria’s tough ultimatum to Serbia sparked both a geopolitical and a financial chain reaction. As traders and investors suddenly grasped the likelihood of a full-scale European war, with Russia taking the Serbs’ side, liquidity was sucked out of the world economy; stock markets around the world closed their doors for fear of another panic, and a drain on their cash and gold reserves.

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the crisis of 1914 was the closure of the world’s major stock markets for up to five months. The Vienna market was the first to close, on July 27. By July 30 panic reigned on most financial markets- all the continental European exchanges had shut their doors. The next day, London and New York felt compelled to follow suit. Although a belated settlement day went smoothly on November 18, the London Stock Exchange did not reopen until January 4. The New York market reopened for limited trading on November 28, but unrestricted trading did not resume until April 1, 1915. It seems likely that, had the markets not closed, the collapse in prices would have been as extreme as it would be in 1929, if not worse. The crisis of 1907 meant that the US had prepared a system for the supply of an emergency currency to stem panic selling and bank-runs. America subsequently boomed with arm sales as the ‘creative destruction’ of war staved off the collapse of capitalism for another fifteen years…

My point is this– the First World War grew out of Imperial tensions between the ‘Great Powers’ and a rolling economic and financial crisis that started seven years earlier.  The war rescued the capitalism through the mass slaughter on the Western and Eastern fronts, ushering in new technologies, new weapons, and widespread social change- triggering revolutions across the world. No-one saw it coming, except those in power, and even they had no idea what they were unleashing. So why were ordinary people so seemingly oblivious to the coming Armageddon until just days before the outbreak of war? Perhaps because they were not informed enough to see it coming, because had they known what the next four years would bring, they may not have been quite so eager to support their leaders in the coming butchery… and we are at the same point today…

The US is currently looking to set up an anti-missile shield in Asia as China rapidly expands its forces…

For the US, a “long-term war in the Middle East will provide an excuse for the deferment and rescheduling of US debt obligations owed to nations and governments that oppose the US/Israel war in the Middle East. For the $1 trillion owed to China and many Middle East nations, this is effectively debt repudiation.

China wants to see the US weakened long-term as a world power and a major war in the Middle East will do this. They also need a reason to dump $1 trillion in US Treasury debt and an excuse to avoid the blame of the coming broader repudiation of US debt…

(Mock Chinese posters from the US ‘invasion’ propaganda film ‘Red Dawn’)

A Middle East war would avoid direct military action between the US and China while protecting both US and Chinese politicians from the coming Treasury debt repudiation, Chinese dump and global run on the dollar and Treasuries…

All sides in the coming conflict – except for the civilian populations and the soldiers maimed and killed – will win if everything goes according to plan. However, nothing ever goes according to plan in wars and this is the problem the world will face. Prolonged recession or depression, wealth and benefit confiscation throughout the EU, US and other Western democracies and the risk of a Middle East conflict spreading around the world is my fear.”


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Britain always excels in the Paralympics…Why? Because there are better training facilities? No. Because the athletes get the best funding and sponsorship? No…

Because the UK has an un healthy supply of disabled veterans from its Imperial caddy-holding for the US military as they go out to manufacture traumatic amputation and death across the globe…That’s why.

Nice to see David Cameron out supporting disabled people though- oh, no, hang on, isn’t he viciously cutting disability benefits, and stood behind the parent company that owns ATOS, who ‘assess’ people for those benefits, when they acted as a Paralympic sponsor…The shower of complete and utter hypocritical BASTARDS.

Oh, yeah, then there’s ‘Help for Heroes’ the charity for wounded veterans working hand in glove with the Ministry of Defence spending millions to build rehab centres on MOD land- and turning away soldiers who have left the service and who need immediate, actual, help…Nice.




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The trouble with Revolutionary Anarchism is that it simply isn’t revolutionary enough- which is why I stopped calling myself one years ago, and, while I subscribe to many ideas contained within ‘Anarchism’ I see it as just another ideology to be eliminated by my class, the proletariat.  I refuse to self-identify with the Anarchist label anymore, I am a simply proletarian and that’s all (try this with an authoritarian leftist, they really, really don’t like it!).

I start with the premise, that I am a proletarian and I want to abolish Capital and class society, I’m not interested in ideological divisions, I’m interested in what works. As far as I am concerned, all ideologies are expressions of formalised power; they consist of ideas and theory which have become petrified, subject to, and agents of, control.

I have always had great sympathy for anarchist ideas, and was once the member of an anarchist organisation, until I fell fowl of the group’s informal leadership and its dogmatic approach to revolutionary ideas and action, and the dynamic within the group, where members exhibited a disgusting deference to the age, gender, knowledge and experience of a minority of strong, egotistical personalities. It was also extremely boring- dull and unimaginative in its approach to ‘revolutionary politics’.

Anarchism as a ‘brand’ is fatally compromised at the very core of its meaning, by the fact that most people recognise the word ‘anarchy’ as meaning destructive chaos and disorganisation, and an anarchist being the agent of such chaos, harking back to the stereotypical bomb-throwing ‘maniac’ of the nineteenth century, a stereotype revived in the media by state-sponsored or manipulated groups like the rabid arsehole nihilists of the ‘IAF’ and other such supposed ‘urban guerrillas’ and also the actions of the Black Bloc across the world , which largely go unexplained. It is a profound handicap to have to constantly justify the very name of your beliefs and tiresomely explain, and then defend, its meaning. It is also something of an absurd misnomer since most strands of anarchism stresses self-government, rather than the total absence of government. This insistence on ‘Anarchy’ is an unredeemable obstacle to any supposed revolutionary objectives. Much as in the same way Nazis would love to rehabilitate the swastika as their political symbol. No offence, but it is nothing but plain stupidity and ideological obstinacy not to recognise the fact.

As an ideology, Anarchism operates outside the very class it claims to represent, or be a part of- constituting separate, often vanguardist bodies, which speaks to the class and not from it, with most anarchist groups wishing to build a movement out of proletarians that have been converted to the ideology. Much like the many Leninist and Trotskyite groups that it laughably ‘competes’ with, Anarchism preaches unity, co-operation, solidarity and non-sectarianism- all very fine words and principles, but ultimately empty ones, since the exact opposite is the order of the day. The irony of Anarchists criticising Trots for their own sectarianism is painfully funny.

Anarchism is another house divided against itself, and the ’57 Varieties’ of leftism are reproduced by Anarchists through multiple ideological divisions. Like these other leftist groups, Anarchism sticks to a set of rigid orthodoxies, embodied by a revered historical revolutionary tradition, and a fossilised iconography of the past. In the case of Anarchism, this conservative canon is rooted in the Spanish Civil War- regarded as one of the ‘movements’ great successes, despite the fact of defeat, and the horrific compromise of an anarchist leadership joining a bourgeois government. Anarchists are, by and large, traitors to their own cause, who cut off their noses to spite their face, being too hung up on ideological differences and the conceit that it breeds, intellectually scoffing at each other, grimly clinging to precepts that are largely theoretical and irrelevant, be they Insurrectionists, anarcho-communists, syndicalists etc.

Pretty, quaint- and irrelevent.

Anarchism is effectively stuck in the past- expecting to ‘build a mass movement’ in what is now a post-industrial society leaving an ideology without a constituency – In the UK the composition of the British working class has long been changed by the elimination of the heavy and light industry in the UK- the mines, the steelworks, the ship-building, the heavy engineering, the car industry and manufacturing in general (which now only accounts for 12% of the economy)- all these industries were as good as destroyed by Thatcher (just as other European countries, and the US, ‘outsourced’ industry to low-wage economies in ‘late developing nations’ in the Far East, South America and to Eastern Europe).

This is why Thatcher announced that there was ‘no such thing as society’, and then Major said ‘we are all middle class now’- essentially saying there were to be no more working class communities gathered around industries in which the workers could find, and forge, their common interests as a class…In Italy factory workers were known by revolutionary theorists ‘mass workers’ precisely because they worked in mass industries- The ruling class realised that workers who organised around an industry, threatening them with strikes, go-slows, occupations, boss-napping (and ultimately workers control) to resist the high rate of exploitation, had gained just too much social power- so they deliberately made entire communities redundant and exported the jobs abroad.  The jobs once held by British, French and Italian workers are now either being done by robots or Brazilians, Chinese or South Koreans…(and the same productive forces have lead to their proletarianisation and resistance, whether in India with the Maruti car workers killing their managers, Bangladesh garment workers torching their factories or Chinese migrant factory workers rioting).

What has the UK got now? The service sector (clerical work with white collar and all), Retail, and Public sector jobs…In fact, the high level of people on benefits is an industry in its own right- the more unemployment there is, the more need for social services, the more illness, the more need for healthcare…All the rest is just paper/pixel shuffling, being a retail ’till monkey’ pushing buttons, bagging up and restocking, burger –flipping, temp, and short contract working.  In this day and age, you’re just as likely to be a graduate in a call-centre as an estate kid working in Boots or JD Sports, or a single mum working in an office, or a labourer on a building site…or signing on and at college. Traditions breed inertia, and class-struggle Anarchists imagine that they are still living in the heroic age of industrial worker’s mass movements, and are consequently always looking backwards and failing to anticipate the attacks of capital and the state, before they arise.  Since history tells us that ‘attack is the best form of defence’, our class cannot afford to indulge in the past glories of romantically doomed insurrections…

Given that the ruling class has so structured work to remove the possibility of mass workplace organisation (by de-industrialising the UK), what role can Anarchist groups really have in a fragmented service-based economy? I’d venture to say very little, apart from confrontations with the police on all too rare demos, and the occasional inner-city riot.

Anarchism’s ambitions are very great, but it looks like the proletariat can do without Anarchism, just as socialism, social democracy, Leninism, Trotskyism, Stalinism, Maoism etc. have proven insufficient in meeting working class needs, owned as they are by the reactionary middle classes.

The UK organisation Class War broke the mould of anarchism back in the eighties, tearing up the rule-book to produce inventive, militant and humorous propaganda and action.  The beauty and the popularity of ‘Class War’ was the absence of a tedious ideology and an uncompromising immediacy.  It lacked the inflexible, rigid, precious, purist beliefs of other ‘classical’ anarchist groups and publications…So successful was it, that it had to be destroyed, both from within and from without, with alleged infiltration, smears and by eventually being colonised by the very same middle class bureaucrats with their of ideological constipation. It wasn’t perfect however, with an over-reliance on a stereotypical ‘working-class-ness’ that put more emphasis on class-pride and culture than the abolition of class itself.

Anarchist ideology has overall, increasingly become a vehicle for the dead hand  of the middle classes, reducing it to a series of moral injunctions, a form of militant liberalism, an impotent ‘philosophy of freedom’ and a largely ineffectual cult-like activist lifestyle, utterly divorced from the realities of everyday life. This ‘ghetto’ as it is affectionately called, ensures that a comfort zone of romantic, abstract and useless activity persists with Anarchists wrapped up in the security of their ideas.  Anarchism is being effectively co-opted and neutered by interested middle class parties, from academics like Noam Chomsky and Sadie Plant, the anti-oppressive/ anti-discriminatory practices in elitist Universities, media-whore-activists like Naomi Klein, Laurie Penny, celebrity-whore- activists like Julian Assange and Charlie Veitch, to the squatters who are basically the vanguard of the gentrification of working class areas.  Anarchism is also being ideologically raided by the likes of pundits like the ‘Red Tory’ Philip Blond, author of ‘Big Society’ voluntary communitarianism.  Meanwhile in the US, ‘Anarchism’ is being hijacked by ‘libertarians’ such as Robert Nozick with his ideas of a capitalist ‘minarchist’ society, the fascist right organising as ‘National Anarchists’, whilein Germany, the ‘National Autonomists’ waive black flags and the ‘Immortals’ hold anarchist-inspired flash-mobs, and  in Italy, Casa Pound, the pre-eminent cultural centre for street fascism there uses local activism strategies to extend its influence across communities (and has been successfully  imitated by Golden Dawn in Greece).  In the UK one trot party has even set up a front group of ‘People’s Assemblies’ all the while maintaining its petty party grip. The middle classes are hoping to ‘recuperate’ (steal) any useful revolutionary theory they can…The mind-numbing, garbled academic-wank language now used in university ‘anti-discriminatory practices’ is typical of a class that wants to preserve knowledge for itself, and therefore maintain its social power. This in turn has leached back into Anarchism, with Anarchists remaining immersed in a bubble of their own making, incapable of stepping back and seeing their ideology for what it has become.

All of these are examples of how the already moribund, out-dated ideology of Anarchism is becoming ever more diluted and compromised, subject to theft by the middle classes, and manipulation by its political foes (and state forces, with a perpetual infestation of secret police infiltrators and agents provocateurs)…

(Anarchos? No, Nazis waive the black flag in Germany…)

What we’ve seen in the global ‘Occupy’ movements in Greece, Spain and in the UK is a similar phenomenon, with the spontaneous formation of assemblies- and there has been a reluctance by Anarchists to join these movements.  Why? Because they have contained elements which ideological Anarchists find abhorrent, because in their eyes they are ‘reactionary’ or ‘reformist’, or because they may have participants who are ‘nationalist’, ‘pro-police’ etc, etc, which are beyond their control… These formations have been of proletarians in all their complex, varied and radical glory, and you cannot get a much more real experience of the masses of individuals than that…Collective action in the streets as a response to the crisis has become the new terrain as collective action in the workplace is stifled by union bureaucrats.  The Anarchists should have been there in full force, and mature enough to recognise these protests for what they were (which is what happened in Argentina in 2001-2, despite the anarchos being taken aback by events).  Instead they mainly stood on the sidelines and carped, leaving the field open to middle class scum to protest their fall from celestial class-grace and push these movements into theoretical passivity and empty symbolic actions.

Anarchists appear to have been incapable of grasping potential revolutionary moments as they occur, staying  well behind the social curve, bemoaning the reactionary nature of mass social movements, their ‘citizenism’, or the fact national flags have been waived, when in  reality, they have been too afraid to have their own ideas challenged in an open forum, or too insecure about exposing them to wider scrutiny by living working class people, they are, by and large contented to sit back and look down from their ivory castles, where their ideas, and therefore, their identities, will not be challenged, and  the ego-satisfaction they derive from the purity of those ideas that they think they  own, remain intact and unquestioned.  Individual identities so bound up with ideology that they are seemingly incapable of critical thought, originality or of thinking differently. Anarchists prefer to take refuge in their informally lead groups and to happily indulge in romantic riot-porn, post-meeting nights in the pub, debates on animal rights* and the tiresome Russian Revolution, and to produce dreadful, ineffective, clueless and dull propaganda, publications which look like parish council newsletters or punk fanzines from the 70s, or they print-up pointless stickers that say nothing at all, beyond the name of their club, er, sorry, their group…It’s no better on the internet; I’ve read anarchist literature online that drones on and on, using words such as ‘heteronormative’, phrases like ‘doing  important political and cultural work’ and other such hopeless bollocks. In the UK, the pointy-headed ex-university academics of a certain well-known blog pour out sophisticated critiques and analysis by the score, in a glorified, toothless talking shop of a website which is easily confused with a college seminar- though to what end I couldn’t say…and one UK organisation apparently insists that their members subscribe completely to their set of beliefs (‘There shall be no god but the one god’?)  Presumably so that they can remain as rigid and ossified as possible ‘come the revolution’.

The fact is, no revolution was ever ‘anarchist’ (except perhaps boring old Spain, and that was a counter-revolution), but the events of France 1789, Paris 1870, Mexico 1910, Russia, Austria  and France 1918, Germany, Hungary, the Red Clyde and Merseyside 1919, Italy 1920, East Germany 1953, Hungary 1956, Novocherkassk 1962, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Mexico and France 1968, Chile 1972, Greece 1973, Portugal 1974, Italy and Egypt 1977, Iran 1979, Poland 1980, Romania 1989, Iraq 1991, Mexico 1994, Albania 1997, Argentina 2001…were all proletarian uprisings based on the power of democratic worker’s councils, not anarchist groups, federations or parties but the spontaneous self-activity and creativity of the proletariat. Social revolutions have never been made through political methods but that has neverstopped those whofail to understand the history or the nature of revolutions, the basic truth that revolutions occur at times of deep social, economic, or political crisis.

The only thing that may rouse people out of their passive slumber is prolonged and extreme deprivation, or a sudden shocking crisis (a war, mass water shortages, a collapse of the banking system, an energy crisis)- and frankly, the Anarchist movement hasn’t got a clue how to exploit it if/when it comes, with woefully inadequate propaganda and organisation. Ignoring the grim reality of the situation is tantamount to living in a fantasy world- It’s a fact that the chances of an actual revolution taking place are bleak- even now as the politicians, journalists, bankers, civil servants, cops, corporations and priests are held in the highest contempt ever in the history of the western world, with the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, topped off with ecological collapse and an energy crisis- is this being exploited, or are ‘revolutionaries’ happy to live a lifestyle of ‘perpetual activism’ without tangible results?

During the normal functioning of the economy the compensatory comforts of consumer cornucopias off-set any desire to revolt, the bosses call it ‘political stability’ i.e. no class conflict and passive consensus. During a crisis, the question of legitimacy arises and consent begins to be questioned, if not withdrawn.  Revolutionary groups make zero headway during ‘normal’ times, you simply don’t see people flocking to the banner of anarchist revolution do you? Nor is there a widespread burning urge for communism. Their activity is impotent, sterile and abstract, fundamentally banging heads against a brick wall. A crisis is an opportunity to reverse this sorry state of affairs- just as the state and capital is using it to ramp up their ideological attacks on our class – economic changes determine the change in social values.

A crisis that is a golden opportunity to exploit, by attacking the centres of power and the ‘legitimacy’ they are based upon. How otherwise does a tiny minority or rich bastards get away with exploiting a vast mass of people, except through their consent? Historically Anarchists have always been marginal actors during revolutions with the working class being perfectly capable of organising itself spontaneously into autonomous, direct democratic forms (without the need for ideological guidance). The idea of building an ideological ‘movement’ or a union is simply out of date. Anarchism is never going to be a global movement like popular Soviet-sponsored communist parties were in the 20s and 30s- and the idea of trying to compete with that history is laughable.

Anarchists need to accept that they are merely a minority of class conscious workers who reject Authority and Capital, that their strength as proletarians lies in the power of subversion, provocation and the spread of radical theory to the rest of the proletariat through effective propaganda -providing of-course, that they’re not some middle class ideologue, or a vile informal leader…

Ideally the thing to do in any crisis would be to exploit the situation as much as the capitalists exploit it, to go beyond mere resistance to their attacks- this starts with propaganda- and the question of the orthodox, rigid, ideological nature of Anarchism. By propaganda I mean by the word AND the deed, (so when the Black Bloc acts for example, its actions are also comprehensively explained).

Ideally, revolutionary groups would produce propaganda well in advance of any crisis that is relevant, based in the reality of life as it is lived, and the possibilities that a post-revolutionary society has to offer- directly related to lived experience or real issues affecting our class, critiques of power and ‘leadership’ as it is experienced from day to day- the bullying supervisor, the scumbag landlord, the shitty benefits ‘advisor’, the sexist doctor or the racist neighbour. Propaganda that is scurrilous, funny and hard-hitting. One that exposes the fundamental truth of psychotic power and the lies it depends on to maintain itself- how all workplaces are dictatorships, how deeply corrupt our politicians are, how the government engages in thuggery, murder and torture on a daily basis in its imperial wars, how we are infantilised by the media and the animalistic hierarchy that exists between workers, managers and bosses.  A propaganda that speaks of how the world could be, how the assembly has become the organisational form of choice for proletarians around the world, how small libertarian communities are the model now considered to be the only sustainable form of urban living, how there are viable economic systems to replace capitalism, how information technology could truly revolutionise social relations.  Positive shit basically, not just the unremitting bilge of what happened in Barcelona in 1936, or cheerleading the latest ‘exciting’ riot.  Not the usual alienating, bland, whiney, weak and ineffectual “we don’t have a blueprint, nor do we want one” drivel.

Humans, by and large seek security- if you have no ideas to present, to offer people as a replacement for this shitty system, then you are starting from a position of weakness.  Anarchists call on working class people to join them to overthrow capitalism, and yet they offer little idea of what it would be replaced with, there is simply no vision, no coherent critique of power and since capitalism is primarily a system of economics ,it might be a good idea to have some idea of an alternative to it- yet there is little discussion of such things as the sheer complexity of modern life, the division of labour, mediums of exchange, modern production methods, urban planning, international relations, how living standards globally would be maintained, fall, or rise, how people would, for example,  get their deodorant or haemorrhoid cream, their baby food, or how opticians would be trained and paid, how worker’s control would function in service-economy workplaces like call-centres or offices that produce nothing… There is simply not enough fucking debate or critical thought. Visionary ideas, if they are looked at, at all, are left in the margins, like Parecon, bitcoin or how a digital signature currency (‘dissolving money’) might work …I’d say anarchism has yet to provide a coherent system of libertarian economics to underpin any vision at all, beyond vague ideas of a millenarian collectivism…but if you actually offered alternatives, people may come to think that you might actually be on to something. Propaganda has to be effective, otherwise, trying to compete with the total output of the commodity machine is just a non-starter, since you’re up against the X-Factor, Justin Bieber’s new CD, the latest Hollywood blockbuster , ‘Hello’ magazine, the latest fashion or gadget, new broadband deals, Sky-Plus boxes  and any number of other mass consumer goodies that keeps people contented and disinterested in any idea of revolution -never mind the influence of the bourgeois press…

Our class enemy is diverse but recognises its collective interests and knows how to stand together in, and outside, of a crisis, revolutionaries who talk a great deal about ‘unity’ and ‘solidarity’ drown in a pointless ego-driven battle for ideas, and never manage to achieve either in reality.  Ruling class power survives thanks to the simplicity of their ideology: Property rights, order and the legitimacy of Authority.  Before you can even begin to fantasise about how to defeat CO19, SO11, the SAS CRW squads or the Army’s Public Order Battalions, to overthrow the rich, the real challenge is to actually unite and then to seriously contest Capital for the hearts and minds of the rest of our class, from plumbers to pole-dancers, hairdressers and Housing Office workers, bus drivers and nursing assistants -and their families…

Solidarity and flexibility, not ideological rigidity, is the key to any real unity and that means putting aside tired old ideas to work together.  An idea doesn’t work, been tried and tested? – so throw it away, try a new one, move on.  It’s OK to be wrong, never mind; it’s OK to change your mind.  None of us have the absolute, definitive, answer in trying to ‘Make Capitalism History’, so we should drop all those pretensions that make us think that we as individuals or in organisations are ideologically, intellectually, strategically or emotionally ‘right’. Hatred of the system is what should unite us all, as proletarians first and foremost, and from that we should be able to forge unbreakable bonds of solidarity and comradeship, which should outweigh all other considerations.  Egos are obstacles to unity, as is the amount of emotional investment individuals have in their particular ‘brand’ of politics. A radically subjective mind-set –‘I am myself first and foremost, Me, not the embodiment of a rigid ideology’.

What is needed is an ‘Anarchism-minus-anarchy’, or ‘Anarchy-minus-Anarchism ’or better still, to completely escape the straitjacket of the past, a totally new conception of uncompromising, militant and human revolutionary politics aimed at total democracy, total revolution and the abolition of class society. Anarchism is too ideologically fixed, too steeped in its own mythology, too negatively perceived by many working class people, and too easily ridiculed and co-optedby the bourgeois media.  Ideology breeds inertia, hierarchy and boredom. All ideology is counter-revolutionary, it reproduces the system and merely serves to divide proletarians, and in the context of propaganda, it is boring, boring, boring. Drop the labels and the self-defeating psychology; reject the dried-up shibboleths of ideology and accept the living, human fluidity of theory.  Above all, fuck all ‘isms’-

Revolutionary theory is the sworn enemy of all revolutionary ideologyand ought to know it.

Be Revolutionary, because Anarchism has ceased to be, and fuck Anarchism.

Be Revolutionary or accept the future of  ‘a boot stomping on a human face -forever’…


* (another middle class foible or the ‘political economy of anthropomorphised Disney characters’)


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Nick Clegg is calling for a ’emergency tax’ on the wealthy, in order to off-set a breakdown in ‘social cohesion’ since the ‘recession’ is expected to last longer than expected- decoded, this means slugfart Clegg is terrified and  wants to sweep some ‘progressive and fair’ crumbs off the high table to the peasants to prevent any more rioting or the possibility of wildcat strikes, because the world is actually in a global depression- the worst since the thirties- that and save his lying arse electorally by still appearing to be a credible ‘liberal’ rather than the yellow tory cuntbag he really is by sounding off like a boiling lobster… Will Georgie ‘Porky’ Osborne go for this? Will he Fuck…

Clegg said “While I am proud of some of the things we have done as a government I actually think we need to really hard-wire fairness into what we do in the next phases of fiscal restraint. If we don’t do that I don’t think the process will be either socially or politically sustainable or acceptable.”

Osborne on the other hand will be thinking, ‘An emergency tax? Well, we might have cut the Police, but at least we’ve trained up the Paras in riot-control, not a penny more, not a penny less’…

…and what has Miliband gotta say-has the Labour Party abolished itself? I hope so, but I think they are still sunning themselves in Tuscany or the Algarve or wherever- If I see a Labour MP, it’ll be like those pictures from Mars- I won’t be able to tell a computer simulation from the ‘real’ faux-socialist?


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Yes, the governments newest solution to insurgent working class youth in deprived proletarian areas is to set up clubs run by Youth United, an umbrella group of “uniformed” youth organisations, including the Boy Scouts, Girl Guides and…Police Cadets.

Baden-Powell would be proud, since he originally set-up the Scouts to teach boys from all classes to respect the social hierarchy and to prepare them to defend the Empire – or, as he put it in Scouting for Boys, to ‘be a brick’ in the ‘wall of Empire’. There was also the issue of physical fitness, since the Victorian/Edwardian working class was generally malnourished, worn down by 10-12 hour days and had miserable housing conditions. The poor performance of the British army during the Boer war against the far healthier and robust  farmers of the Veldt only added to Upper-Class fears of ‘racial degeneration’.  A government report published shortly after the war found that 40-60 per cent of volunteers for the army had been rejected because they were physically unfit for service- nothing to do with an exploitative class society of-course. Although Powell maintained that the Scouts were a ‘peace corps’ because they didn’t do military drill, he openly admitted that the Boy Scouts were a ‘potential recruiting ground’ for the military, and claimed that 70 per cent of scouts went into the army, which is where their scouting, healthy outdoor activities and ‘Field craft’ came in handy. In line with his reactionary and militarist viewpoint of producing an improved ‘national stock’, Powell was more than happy to forge stronger ties with the Nazi Hitler Youth, meeting with German ambassador Joachim von Ribbentrop and Hitler Youth chief of staff Hartmann Lauterbacher on November 19, 1937 (as revealed in now-declassified MI5 files…
We can only wonder how uniforms, patriotism, ‘sound moral values’ and respect for the social hierarchy will go down on the streets and estates of our cities, and how popular ‘winning badges’ and ‘fixing woggles’ will be when compared to the other delights of an skint urban adolescence…I can only marvel at the sheer ignorance and stupidity of our political masters, stuck as they are in another era of a patronising Upper-Class contempt for the ‘lower orders’ and their ‘betterment’…


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But not really…The Bank of England’s last round of ‘Quantative Easing’, (or the ‘monetisation of debt’, or basically, the digital creation of more cash out of thin air ) to boost the economy has been found to have mostly benefitted the top 5% of society, but this should come as no surprise, since capitalism is designed to suck the wealth out of the majority anyway, whether in relatively calm economic conditions, where a few crumbs might fall from the tables of the rich, or during a profound crisis…Everything changes, but nothing.


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…and is sentenced to 21 years in prison, in a suite of three cells where he will be free to write more propaganda, probably a book and a screenplay for a TV movie, and be venerated by other fascists like his friends in the EDL…

Naturally, proletarians like myself think he is far from ‘sane’, but only in terms of his politics, just as we, and most of the world think Hitler was ‘crazy’- but it is a mistake to think he was merely deranged.  There is a logic to his thought that cannot be dismissed, and it is better to confront those ideas than to dismiss them as the ramblings of a madman.

Breivik is part of a movement across the world to re-instate fascist ideas after the calamity of Hitler and the holocaust, this is fascism whichever way you look at it, but it is fascism re-branded. The far right has been working hard for some time to get around what I call the ‘Hitler Problem’, so they have been casting about for new ideological platforms with which to further their agenda and find a ‘way in’, especially given the current crisis, where the bourgeoisie may well need to call on the services of fascism (or, as I like to call it, ‘the armed middle class’)- it seems they have struck on the ideas of the ‘Revolutionary Conservatism’ which was contemporaneous with Nazism and classical Fascism…Rightist ‘intellectuals’ such as Carl Schmitt, Oswald Spengler, Julius Evola and Ernst Junger are now the inspiring theorists. It seems Breivik was also inspired by the mythology of the Knights Templar, which, as a unifying force in medieval europe against Islam, has supplanted the Waffen SS as an ideal of an authoritarian european ethno-nationalism (who were also ‘inspired’ by fantasies of the soldier-monks of the Templars, Teutonic Knights and the Jesuits)…

These ideas are being spread in an insidious way throughout Europe and America via musical subcultures such as the neo-folk, martial music and post-industrial scenes…Breivik’s take (according to his manifesto ‘2083’ ) on marxism=socialism=liberalism, is however, classical nazi thinking. The whole ‘Cultural Marxism’ schtick is an ideological throw-back to Nazism, and its concept of ‘Cultural Bolshevism’- this embraced everything from Jazz and swing music, Cubism, Dadaism, and any modernist art movement, Bauhaus architecture, the Berlin Cabaret scene, sex-research, Bertold Brecht, neon lighting in cities, all the way through to Hollywood movies and Franz Kafka…
In essence it was a veiled form of anti-semitism, Breivik seems to have recycled the term to attack multiculturalism, which the Nazis always blamed on ‘The Jew’, but since he supports Israel, he lacks the same ideological framework the Nazis had with their racial conspiracy theory and has replaced it with Samuel Huntington’s ideas on the ‘Clash of Civilisations’. Ideas that are popular with all shades of rightist opinion, and the Generals in the Pentagon as they wage wars to secure energy supplies for the dying US empire in the face of Chinese industrial expansion. The coming generalised war in the Middle East will be the perfect cover for the inevitable economic storm, a vehicle to suppress dissent in the US and Europe as living standards continue to plummet and an excuse to wheel out more advanced tools of technological mass surveillance.


As to his sanity, it would be easy for us to simply denounce him as ‘insane’, ‘disordered’ or ‘insecure’, since we know the same psychiatric logic can be applied to anti-authoritarians by the state, it’s an irony that Norwegian penal law is only as liberal as it is thanks in large part to the Nazi Occupation. Breivik is to be jailed to protect society rather than to punish him…Naturally we think he’s ‘mad’, but I tend to think he is no more crazy than a soldier who is happy to mow down wedding parties, as well as terrorist ‘Ragheads’ out in Afghanistan…It’s all a matter of ideological indoctrination, and value-systems…A belief in the ‘Greater Good’…


Personally, I would have prefered it if he’d been shot down like the fascist dog that he is…Breivik was happy to be declared sane, since the opposite judgement was his greatest fear, and he wouldn’t have been the only one smirking as the Judges passed sentence…



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There is speculation that the filthy rich fat fucks who govern and profit from us may be in for something of a shock this Autumn, with the possibility of Greece defaulting on its debt (yet again), but also because statistically September/October is the most likely month for a stockmarket crash- although we’ll be the ones to really suffer from the afteshocks with more redundancies and benefit and welfare cuts- as it is, there is no effective opposition to either the shitty Tories or the capitalist class as a whole- Not Labour nor the Unions,  there’s just OUR CLASS- so we’ll just have to do it ourselves…cos it’s only gonna get worse…and they fear us more than we fear them.

Worst crashes in recent history:-

1) Oct. 19, 1987: 22.6 percent, or 508 points

2) Oct. 28, 1929: 12.8 percent, or 38 points

3) Oct. 29, 1929: 11.7 percent, or 31 points

4) Nov. 6, 1929: 9.9 percent, or 26 points

5) Dec. 18, 1899: 8.7 percent, or 6 points

6) Aug. 12, 1932: 8.4 percent, or 6 points

7) March 14, 1907: 8.3 percent, or 7 points

8) Oct. 26, 1987: 8 percent, or 157 points

9) Oct. 15, 2008: 7.9 percent, or 733 points*

10) July 21, 1933: 7.8 percent, or 8 points

11) Dec. 1, 2008: 680 points, or 7.7 percent*

12)  Oct. 9, 2008: 679 points, or 7.3 percent*

13) Oct. 27, 1997: 554 points, or 7.2 percent

14) Sept. 17, 2001: 685 points, or 7.1 percent*

15) Sept. 29, 2008: 778 points, or 7 percent*

16) Aug. 31, 1998: 513 points, or 6.4 percent

17) Oct. 22, 2008: 514 points, or 5.7 percent*

18) April 14, 2000: 618 points, or 5.7 percent

19) Aug. 4, 2011: 513 points, or 4.3 percent

* indicates recent event.


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From a tot of rum to a nasal spray…

The military has a long history of using drugs through the ages, from the tot of rum given to soldiers fighting the armies of Napoleon, Prussian Grenadiers on coke, to German scientists synthesising MDMA for going ‘over the top’ or the LSD trials on conscripts during the Vietnam War and now this, an anti-suicide nasal spray for US troops:-

Army has issued anti-suicide nasal spray

It’s ironic, since most military establishments have researched drugs to enhance the killing-power of individual soldiers, suppressing appetite and fatigue, increasing endurance and strength, reducing the moral inhibition towards butchering their fellow men, women and children and eliminating costly PTSD; here they have produced a drug that actually prevents ‘selbstmord’ (‘self-murder’ as the German language has it). The US is currently looking at ways to create super-soldiers, whether through the use of psychotropic medication, anabolicsteroids, the creation of powered exo-skeletons (that’s right, straight out of Sci-Fi, think ‘Aliens’), or the using electrical TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) to ‘switch off’ higher levels of mental processing allowing a pure form of ‘reasoning’ to take over…

During the Second World War, Germany pioneered the use of Amphetamines amongst their troops, issuing Pervitin to their parachutists and tank crews (giving a whole new meaning to Blitzkrieg), and researched a more powerful drug, D-IX to redefine the limits of human endurance, but the allies weren’t far behind, especially when they realised it was more difficult than they thought to overcome the aforementioned inhibition, not without the strenuous efforts of Military priests and army psychiatrists through ‘hate training’ to turn generally mild-mannered civilians into killing machines, (though they did discover that sociopaths made the ‘best’, i.e. most violent, soldiers).

The British favoured Benzedrine and Methedrine, with up to  72 million amphetamine tablets consumed by British troops during that war…Currently the US army uses Dexedrine “go pills” and the super-drug Provigil, which gives all the benefits of physical and mental stimulation, but with the retension of ‘psychological clarity’ (never mind the nuisance of those pesky veterans with the debilitating Gulf War Syndrome)…
In the coming struggle between China and the West, will see all manner of enhanced destructive ‘wonders’, which will doubtless thrill the designers of computer games, teenage boys and Hollywood directors- that’s if they survive the war for global  dominance between the rival ruling classes, of-course…



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