…and the future?

“Young people are furious,” says Mr Halligan. A few weeks ago, he heard two young men in Salford JobCentre darkly predicting “a fucking war if they kick us off our benefits like this.”…
…’Jordan McGlacken, an 18-year-old aspiring musician and part-time charity worker, warns: “The first thing about the riots is that they’re just the first – and there’s going to be a lot more if things don’t change.”

Source: Owen Jones’s whining social democratic appeal for ‘equality’.

“We believe as a result of our enquiries, that the raw material for rioting is made when young people are left, rightly or wrongly, with the impression that they have nothing to gain from established society, particularly where they have hitherto not yet gained any stake in it. Where this grievance is underlined by disappointed hopes, a belief that they are, and will continue to be, discriminated against and that they are continually surrounded not only by the affluence of others, but also advertising pressures to engage in material aquisition, their resistance to lawless conduct will be that much weaker; the situation will deteriorate further if the habits of enforced idleness bring them into conflict with the police”

No, 1981, the Hytner Report on the Toxteth riots.
Everything changes but nothing. Class persists-

They want to ‘Reform the labour market’ (‘reform’ us),  by which they mean regress or reverse it, so that we have no rights when we actually sell our labour, so that there is a pool of impoverished unemployed workers with which to threaten those ‘lucky enough’ to have a job in their new era of precarious ‘flexicurity’- Those who rioted demonstrated that our class can, and will, kick against the iron cage of class, boredom, money, work and the dole, police brutality and austerity.

The rich fuckers and the media had the bloody nerve to accuse rioters and looters of ‘greed’- but you have to be materially satisfied in the first place in order to be greedy, to take more than what you need or have already, and they should know that more than anybody; BECAUSE WITHOUT POVERTY, WEALTH HAS NO VALUE.

London riots 2KOLDERZ – they will not control us




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