Now that they’ve finished…

(and, let’s face it, the Paralympics is the Olympian ‘poor cousin’…in a Social Darwinian kinda way- they extinguished the flame didn’t they?)…
So now the real fun can start, beginning with the ominous rivalry for Gold between the US and China (oh yeah, we didn’t actually win the Olympics btw- though UK media would seem to have it otherwise), the forthcoming election of a new ‘talking wardrobe’ as President of AmeriKa- maybe we’ll still have the old one, more ‘hope and change’ perhaps, or mebbe Ronald Reagan V.2, either one a mere puppet for Wall Street- and Hurrah, another war in the Middle East, with talk of WMDs and No-Fly Zones- Seems the US is happy to accomodate the new kids on the block, the Muslim Brotherhood, be it in Egypt, Tunisia or Syria.  Meanwhile China is releasing its reserves of corn and rice to calm food inflation in the ‘Socialist Market Economy with Chinese Characteristics’, since the harvests in USA and India have either been fried by the sun or drowned by ‘unseasonal’ rain- keep pumping out those pollutants and cars boys, cos you’re creating the same conditions that lead to the so-called Arab Spring- cos when food prices rise, people rebel…and then there’s dear old Europe, who’s last chance is to either fully fiscally  integrate, with a built-in ‘democratic deficit’, or to go the way of Japan for the past few decades (best case) or endure a Thirties-style depression, with the danger of capital-sponsored fascism waved under our noses for good measure, (worst case) -though the Chinese model of Capitalism minus Democracy is looking distinctly tempting to the European bourgeoisie- I’d like to see them try, I really would… That or hyperinflate, Weimar style.  The world currently owes itself roughly three times its own GDP- in the trillions of trillions…

Fuck-a-doodle-doo, like the Chinese curse says- ‘May you be born in interesting times!’…






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