…which means that the next budget will include additional resources for the gendarmerie and the police.”

So said French President Hollande after yesterday’s outburst of proletarian violence in the northern, post-industrial city of Amiens…

Naturally it is more cost-effective to pump money into the guardians of the state and capital, to maintain ‘order’ rather than to actually alleviate the poverty and distress of the community, or communities, that revolt- France has excelled in sweeping its working class into the banlieu , or suburban garrison estates, so that they are both geographically and socially marginalised- both by virtue of their class and their race, since many are second and third generation incomers from the former French colonies.

Needless to say, the French bourgeoisie enjoy having a pool of cheap labour to draw from to do the dirty work, and a handy scapegoat in times of crisis- see how the Front National has grown in respectability, with both Left and Right mainstream parties aping their policies -most recently with raids and mass deportations of Romany and Sinta people by Sarkozy and then the ‘socialist’ Hollande- doubly vile in the context of France’s collaboration with the Nazis during the Petainist Vichy regime. The death toll of young Franco-african and arab men at the hands of the French Police is exceptionally high (including those actually shot dead inside police stations), and the prosecution rate of their killers exceptionally low…They are happy to ensure the creation of an ‘internal enemy’ under the guise of Islam through policies of deliberate neglect , so whether real or not, the spectre of radical Islam has liberals reaching for their apologist outrage, and fascists for their shotguns. By describing the riot as ‘urban guerrilla warfare’ they hope to shift the discourse of class onto one of race, culture and religion, allowing them to use maximum colonial force of the sort used against Algerian workers in the centre of Paris in 1962- to murder and maim and beat with full state consent- to suppress class dissent, with tacit ‘ordinary public’ support…


Capitalist logic decrees that it is perfectly acceptable to keep entire communities in a state of virtual serfdom- on benefits, on low wages, pushed into petty crime, and subjected to constant police harassment and investigation, with none of the opportunities afforded to the middle classes- it is cheaper, and economically more beneficial to militarise the Police and Gendarmerie than to actually re-balance social inequalities -as was promised after the nation-wide riots of 2005- Neither Conservatives, nor millionaire Social Democrats like Hollande could give a hot shit for the people on the estates – just as the politicians in the UK have done nothing, since the riots of 2011, to tackle any of the underlying social causes- and they like it that way.


Extreme rightist clown, Boris Benito-Johnson, the next leader of the Tory Party, and probably the next Prime Minister, is happy to follow the French example, and will aim to socially cleanse the cities of Britain, lest the poor, the unwaged, the non-white, spoil the picture for the tourists, and obstruct the next property bubble as Councils sell off yet more ‘hip’social housing stock to a new generation of upwardly mobile, elite, post-graduate wankers from the fee paying universities…At least that’s the plan.

France meanwhile, should remember its own history, of how the peasants of the Ancien Regime, slewed off the yoke of their aristocrats…




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