The German Constitutional Court has ruled that the Bundeswehr (Armed Forces) can now conduct domestic military operations, outside of their role supporting the Polizei…but “only in exceptional situation of catastrophic proportions” and not against political demonstrations…

Two things strike me, the first is the obvious one, of Germany’s military collusion with the Nazis, and the fact that they have been constitutionally limited in conducting operations both at home and abroad (even during the Cold War)-although there are some interesting questions surrounding the constitution and Germany’s Sovereignty (since it was written by the post-war Occupying Powers)- though these limitations have already been loosened (see Afghanistan).

(1939? Er, no, 2009, on the retirement/resignation of  Bundeswehr General Schneiderhan following the illegal killing of Afghan civilians-old habits die hard in the military)

The second thing is, just what kind of ‘situations of catastrophic proportions’ do the German political class envision- beyond the eternal bogeyman of ‘terror’, situations that are presumably beyond the control of the paramilitary Grenzpolizei, or the counter-terrorist/revolutionary death squads of GSG9?

Could this 2010-shit-your-pants-end-of-the-world report (written by the Bundeswehr  itself) on the Peak Oil Crisis have anything to do with it I wonder…

Peak Oil Implications Of Resource Scarcity On (National) Security Center for German Army Transformation, Group for “Future Studies”

…or perhaps the mathematically invitable implosion of the Eurozone?



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