I see a new batch of Tory dogshit MPs are trying to make a big career ‘splash’ with their new book Britannia Unchained– stating that “Once they enter the workplace, the British are among the worst idlers in the world” and that “Too many people in Britain prefer a lie-in to hard work,”  Well, fuck you very much!- The reality is, that UK workers have the longest working hours and the shortest holidays in Europe, and these idle fuckers, Kwasi Kwarteng, Priti Patel, Dominic Raab, Chris Skidmore and Elizabeth Truss, with the exception of Kwarteng (apologist for Empire, no less and Cambridge educated), all hail from the elitist Oxford Universities and have, in all probability, done sod all hard graft throughout their entire lives.  If we slack-off, skive, sabotage, thieve, strike, or take sickies, it’s because the bosses are out to milk every last drop of labour out of us to line their own greasy pockets with the ill-gotten gains of our exploitation…Still, that’s not the point for the spawn of Thatcher, nor the comparison with Europe, cos these arseholes want us to be like Chinese, Brazilian or Indian workers- without rights, without ‘protective legislation’, so they can squeeze us harder, so we can ‘compete’ with the ‘Late Industrialising Countries’, as they are now called, in churning out useless, souless, shite to sell to other proletarians…So enjoy your lie in, and all those other little ways of pissing in the bastard’s Champagne…

“As sure as work kills pleasure, pleasure kills work. If you are not resigned to dying of disgust, then you will be happy enough to rid your life of the odious need to work, to give orders (and obey them), to lose and to win, to keep up appearances, and to judge and be judged.

I am not calling on you to make an effort, but to leave things alone. Because of the tyranny of commercial relations, pleasure’s ways are secretive; but it is still from pleasure that the ground is cut away, where the foundations are sunk and the powerful edifices of State, profit and hierarchical power are erected and decay, and which is at the source of so much error, so many pointless battles. In the search for endless pleasure, the proletariat returns to what it could not take by assault, as jungle invades a town when the structures of state collapse.”

( Vaneigem, The Book of Pleasures)




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