From a tot of rum to a nasal spray…

The military has a long history of using drugs through the ages, from the tot of rum given to soldiers fighting the armies of Napoleon, Prussian Grenadiers on coke, to German scientists synthesising MDMA for going ‘over the top’ or the LSD trials on conscripts during the Vietnam War and now this, an anti-suicide nasal spray for US troops:-

Army has issued anti-suicide nasal spray

It’s ironic, since most military establishments have researched drugs to enhance the killing-power of individual soldiers, suppressing appetite and fatigue, increasing endurance and strength, reducing the moral inhibition towards butchering their fellow men, women and children and eliminating costly PTSD; here they have produced a drug that actually prevents ‘selbstmord’ (‘self-murder’ as the German language has it). The US is currently looking at ways to create super-soldiers, whether through the use of psychotropic medication, anabolicsteroids, the creation of powered exo-skeletons (that’s right, straight out of Sci-Fi, think ‘Aliens’), or the using electrical TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) to ‘switch off’ higher levels of mental processing allowing a pure form of ‘reasoning’ to take over…

During the Second World War, Germany pioneered the use of Amphetamines amongst their troops, issuing Pervitin to their parachutists and tank crews (giving a whole new meaning to Blitzkrieg), and researched a more powerful drug, D-IX to redefine the limits of human endurance, but the allies weren’t far behind, especially when they realised it was more difficult than they thought to overcome the aforementioned inhibition, not without the strenuous efforts of Military priests and army psychiatrists through ‘hate training’ to turn generally mild-mannered civilians into killing machines, (though they did discover that sociopaths made the ‘best’, i.e. most violent, soldiers).

The British favoured Benzedrine and Methedrine, with up to  72 million amphetamine tablets consumed by British troops during that war…Currently the US army uses Dexedrine “go pills” and the super-drug Provigil, which gives all the benefits of physical and mental stimulation, but with the retension of ‘psychological clarity’ (never mind the nuisance of those pesky veterans with the debilitating Gulf War Syndrome)…
In the coming struggle between China and the West, will see all manner of enhanced destructive ‘wonders’, which will doubtless thrill the designers of computer games, teenage boys and Hollywood directors- that’s if they survive the war for global  dominance between the rival ruling classes, of-course…




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4 responses to “From a tot of rum to a nasal spray…

  1. anon

    having seen the photos of undercover police making arests and chewing gum like football managers, as an ex user, i would say the met use speed/coke as their drugs of choice.

    • Yeah, I’ve seen them popping pills on major demos, but they coulda been ordinary caffeine ‘pep’ pills…As long as the evidence locker is there, there’s always the opportunity, that and pocketing the proceeds of searches…

  2. scherben

    Glad you brought up the sociopath angle for the ‘best’ soldiers. Makes you think about our great ‘heroes’ doesn’t it? Especially with all the glamourisation of the military caste at the moment. Hard to think they come home stinking of blood…

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