…and is sentenced to 21 years in prison, in a suite of three cells where he will be free to write more propaganda, probably a book and a screenplay for a TV movie, and be venerated by other fascists like his friends in the EDL…

Naturally, proletarians like myself think he is far from ‘sane’, but only in terms of his politics, just as we, and most of the world think Hitler was ‘crazy’- but it is a mistake to think he was merely deranged.  There is a logic to his thought that cannot be dismissed, and it is better to confront those ideas than to dismiss them as the ramblings of a madman.

Breivik is part of a movement across the world to re-instate fascist ideas after the calamity of Hitler and the holocaust, this is fascism whichever way you look at it, but it is fascism re-branded. The far right has been working hard for some time to get around what I call the ‘Hitler Problem’, so they have been casting about for new ideological platforms with which to further their agenda and find a ‘way in’, especially given the current crisis, where the bourgeoisie may well need to call on the services of fascism (or, as I like to call it, ‘the armed middle class’)- it seems they have struck on the ideas of the ‘Revolutionary Conservatism’ which was contemporaneous with Nazism and classical Fascism…Rightist ‘intellectuals’ such as Carl Schmitt, Oswald Spengler, Julius Evola and Ernst Junger are now the inspiring theorists. It seems Breivik was also inspired by the mythology of the Knights Templar, which, as a unifying force in medieval europe against Islam, has supplanted the Waffen SS as an ideal of an authoritarian european ethno-nationalism (who were also ‘inspired’ by fantasies of the soldier-monks of the Templars, Teutonic Knights and the Jesuits)…

These ideas are being spread in an insidious way throughout Europe and America via musical subcultures such as the neo-folk, martial music and post-industrial scenes…Breivik’s take (according to his manifesto ‘2083’ ) on marxism=socialism=liberalism, is however, classical nazi thinking. The whole ‘Cultural Marxism’ schtick is an ideological throw-back to Nazism, and its concept of ‘Cultural Bolshevism’- this embraced everything from Jazz and swing music, Cubism, Dadaism, and any modernist art movement, Bauhaus architecture, the Berlin Cabaret scene, sex-research, Bertold Brecht, neon lighting in cities, all the way through to Hollywood movies and Franz Kafka…
In essence it was a veiled form of anti-semitism, Breivik seems to have recycled the term to attack multiculturalism, which the Nazis always blamed on ‘The Jew’, but since he supports Israel, he lacks the same ideological framework the Nazis had with their racial conspiracy theory and has replaced it with Samuel Huntington’s ideas on the ‘Clash of Civilisations’. Ideas that are popular with all shades of rightist opinion, and the Generals in the Pentagon as they wage wars to secure energy supplies for the dying US empire in the face of Chinese industrial expansion. The coming generalised war in the Middle East will be the perfect cover for the inevitable economic storm, a vehicle to suppress dissent in the US and Europe as living standards continue to plummet and an excuse to wheel out more advanced tools of technological mass surveillance.


As to his sanity, it would be easy for us to simply denounce him as ‘insane’, ‘disordered’ or ‘insecure’, since we know the same psychiatric logic can be applied to anti-authoritarians by the state, it’s an irony that Norwegian penal law is only as liberal as it is thanks in large part to the Nazi Occupation. Breivik is to be jailed to protect society rather than to punish him…Naturally we think he’s ‘mad’, but I tend to think he is no more crazy than a soldier who is happy to mow down wedding parties, as well as terrorist ‘Ragheads’ out in Afghanistan…It’s all a matter of ideological indoctrination, and value-systems…A belief in the ‘Greater Good’…


Personally, I would have prefered it if he’d been shot down like the fascist dog that he is…Breivik was happy to be declared sane, since the opposite judgement was his greatest fear, and he wouldn’t have been the only one smirking as the Judges passed sentence…




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  1. Aidan

    ‘Cultural Marxism’ schtick is an ideological throw-back to Nazism, and its concept of ‘Cultural Bolshevism’

    Noted. Thanks.

    ” I tend to think he is no more crazy than a soldier who is happy to mow down wedding parties, as well as terrorist ‘Ragheads’ out in Afghanistan”
    “The Tercio de Extranjeros [Spanish Foreign Legion] quickly developed a reputation for brutality. Astray and Franco encouraged the killing and mutilation of prisoners. Arturo Barea, who served under Franco in Morocco in 1921, later wrote: “When it attacked, the Tercio knew no limits to its vengeance. When it left a village, nothing remained but fires and the corpses of men, women and children.”

  2. scherben

    Keep sniffing those piss stains you Eton cunt.

    Multiculturalism actually works when people respect each other, and do the ‘Christian’ ideal of ‘do to others as you would have them do to you’.

    Now there’s fucking idiots on all sides who gladly undermine that with stupid prejudices such as yours; people who’ll gladly see a ‘Clash of Civilisations’ as it’s what they absurdly believe to be ‘what God wants’/’only way to save our race’ – in other words ‘The Turner Diaries’ made flesh; with all its concomitant apocalyptic blood letting.

    So if you’re so stupid as to think that that toff cunt Mosley was a lefty, then I seriously wonder about your morality. Although I’m sure your Eton education has assured you that you’re never wrong about anything.

  3. Aidan

    I was involved in anti-psychiatry back in the day and I fully support Tod’s right to have an incoherent rant – better on the Internet than down at the local supermarket where he might find himself being removed in an undignified manner. However there is no reason why Incubus should publish his ravings. Tod may one day come to his senses and thank us for this.

  4. I agree with you- I despise the concept of ‘multiculturalism’ and also espouse a multiracial society, where ‘race’ ceases to have any meaning- Misinterpretations? I also have an inbuilt hatred of all religion, and the more extreme and ‘closed’ it is, the more I despise it. I had distinctly mixed feelings marching with praying muslims against the invasion of Iraq… I also cannot abide the disgustingly ethnocentric/biological elitism of judaism- but I also hate racists,(I’ve been abused by white ones and black ones) and this is the issue, it’s a fine line for example of being revolted by the ideas of fundamentalist Islam but not hating the more moderate people who believe in that particular version of an ‘Abstract Unifying Entity’…Or the Right using a religion to further their political agenda…

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