Britain always excels in the Paralympics…Why? Because there are better training facilities? No. Because the athletes get the best funding and sponsorship? No…

Because the UK has an un healthy supply of disabled veterans from its Imperial caddy-holding for the US military as they go out to manufacture traumatic amputation and death across the globe…That’s why.

Nice to see David Cameron out supporting disabled people though- oh, no, hang on, isn’t he viciously cutting disability benefits, and stood behind the parent company that owns ATOS, who ‘assess’ people for those benefits, when they acted as a Paralympic sponsor…The shower of complete and utter hypocritical BASTARDS.

Oh, yeah, then there’s ‘Help for Heroes’ the charity for wounded veterans working hand in glove with the Ministry of Defence spending millions to build rehab centres on MOD land- and turning away soldiers who have left the service and who need immediate, actual, help…Nice.





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  1. scherben

    Probably seeing disabled athletes will just encourage his callous belief that the rest are shirkers who should pull their finger out.

    What work have Cameron, his horse faced wife and Boris Cuntson actually done in their shitty lives?

    I’m just curious, as seen as ‘hard work is rewarded (arf)

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