As of tommorow, the squatting of residential properties will be a criminal offence, as opposed to a matter of civil law, with a penalty of 6 months in prison, a £5000 fine, or both.

There are currently 720,000 empty properties in the UK and a growing army of homeless people.  Successive governments have deliberately chosen not to build more social housing, leaving people at the mercy of the grotesquely overpriced private sector.  This law is nothing but a landlords charter to exploit the homeless- that’s if they can afford the enormous and usually un-redeemable deposit, plus the advance rent (which is rising all the time due to demand).  The government wants to uphold the sanctity of private property rights and the principle of profit at the expense of ordinary people desparate to find shelter.

The real crime here is the lack of affordable housing and the houses left to rot by property speculators.  There is nothing quite as despicable as an idle, parasitic rentier who lives off, and profits by,the basic needs of people.

Scare stories in the press of a minority of fuckwits who actually squat lived-in homes only serves to manipulate public opinion, and once rough-sleeping increases thanks to this new law, street homeless will face further demonisation.  It’s a sad fact that grubby little landlordism and speculation can also exist within the squatting scene, with people cracking squats and then selling keys to homeless people, and middle class types squatting so they can save a deposit to buy property-( I’ve seen both happen when I was squatting).  around the world in thousands of squatted shanty towns and favelas, tin shacks and hovels are rented out to those with fuck-all income, by landlords who claim property rights where none ever existed…

I wonder just how a ‘buy to let’ property can be classified as being ‘residential, when it has been bought solely to rent out…Residential squatting may be illegal now, but that won’t stop people from occupying commercial properties, and turning them into their homes…SO SQUAT THE LOT!




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  1. scherben

    Apologies for slightly off topic, but look at this disgusting fucking scumbag parasite shithouse:,0,3323996.story?track=rss

    Might be best for a post of its own? (though I think you’ve covered the basic themes already)

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