Gina Rinehart, billionaire mine owner, the world’s richest woman and despoiler of nature, has told working class Australians that they should ‘work harder and have less fun’-she said she was simply trying to break through the “class warfare smokescreen”. This dribble of ‘wisdom’ rolled off the morbidly obese chin of a woman who inherited the majority of her wealth and businesses from her daddy, Lang Hancock, a delightful smear of racist-capitalist shit who, in a 1984 television interview,

‘ suggested forcing unemployed indigenous Australians – particularly “no-good half-castes” – to collect their welfare cheques from a central location: “And when they had gravitated there, I would dope the water up so that they were sterile and would breed themselves out in the future.” ‘

a man who thought that the activities of ‘Friends of the Earth’ were ‘subversive’ and made sure his financial muscle was felt by those with political power…Like father, like daughter, Gluttonous Gina wants to ensure there are no environmental or worker protections to obstruct her companies profitability or her own access to as much cake as she can eat (and earning $52m a day, that’s a lot of cake), she is quite happy to spend money on refuting the fact of climate change, believing it to be a ‘socialist plot‘  (and buying up the media to do so), much like the rest of the energy corporations around the world, including those who think the melting of Arctic ice cap is yet another opportunity to drill for more fucking oil, to melt more ice etc, etc…Rinehart herself has actually proposed using  nuclear explosions for open-cut mining, bringing in cheap migrant labour to work her mines, hates being ‘harassed by charities’, and wants to disinherit her own children ‘because they were badly brought up’…proving her to be the utterly demented rich cunt that she is…However, as she has been roundly criticised from all political quarters, we can at least take some satisfaction from the fact that this parasite lacks the tact of the rest of her class in publicly voicing their true opinions about us…

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(Thanks to Scherben.)




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  1. scherben

    How the bitch wants us all to work (those deemed ‘aryan’ enough to live that is (fucking nazi scum))

    Ignore the credits it isn’t the end of something 🙂

  2. scherben

    I don’t why that didn’t work properly; I apologise. Please go to 24:18

  3. Tod Palin, leftie scourge

    Bad bitch. OK. By all means knock energy exploration and damage to the environment, and even support our capitalist leaders who are shoving climate change legislation on our backs. But remember that all of this implies continual support for Arab dictatorship oil and bloody wars to maintain supply.

    • scherben

      All of which is relevant to the blog post, how?

      • Tod Palin, leftie scourge

        Scherben, Sorry, if I appear off topic, but I was raising a question in relation to Incubus’s accurate and penetrating criticism of ‘Gina’ in the sentences immediately following the quote from Lang Hancock. There Incubus discusses climate change and destruction of the environment. Although I am scientifically trained, I don’t wish to comment on the science of climate change, but would like to draw attention to an unpleasant dilemma between environmental destruction and reliance upon energy from dictatorships. My political preference (if the scientific issue were resolved) is controversial. Top priority for revolutionaries is to work for some kind of working class control over alternative sources of energy. At present we face more capitalist wars over existing oil supplies and radical austerity over energy supplies which will mean, in our capitalist society, that the elderly and poor will be unable to afford heating etc. Hoping this answers your query regarding the relevance of my earlier post.

  4. scherben

    Thanks for your reply, Mr Palin

    But who wants working class control of anything, when a classless society of equality and respect is much much better than silly, pointless divisions?
    As for energy from dictatorships, well it’s all part of humanity’s desire to hoard or steal at the expense of others, and never share (unless there’s a tidy payoff for someone).

  5. scherben

    Sweet Jesus, can she please be asked to shut up?

    I’d worry about any country where people were paid A$2 a day

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