Yes, it’s that time again to dust off your stupid, deafening vuvuzelas, giant balloons and union branch banners to schlepp through the streets of London for four hours, listen to some ‘powerful’ and ‘thrilling’ rhetoric from overpaid Union bosses and then fuck off home to feel smug and self-righteous that the ‘voice of working has been heard’ and has ‘sent a strong message to the government’. Can you really be bothered though? Seriously… The unions have become little more than extensions of the insurance industry offering products for your home, car and travel, funeral plans, online lotteries, personal loans, tax-exempt savings plans and prepaid Mastercards…and being fucking useless at really defending their member’s rights or public services (the very fact of some of their ‘offers’ actually undermining their supposed aims), Labour party lackies and greased-pole jockeys, who, when it comes down to it will agree to any demands that Capital puts upon proletarians (see, for example how the Greek Trade Unions have behaved- and now Greek workers are looking at the abolition of a work-free weekend- that’s right, a six-day week…)

So, what can we expect from the anarchists/anti-authoritarians on the day? A Black Bloc, consisting of younger, naughtier revolutionaries, who’ll want to trash the fuck out of the cops and cause as much material damage as possible (without giving any justification to anybody, not least other proles), a bloc of ‘Militant Workers’ comprised of the various anarcho organisations, flying their flags, who will try to flog their atrocious papers, and hand out some poorly-designed leaflets, UKUncut doing what they always do, publicity stunt-activism and countless non-aligned individuals who have the good sense not to knacker themselves out bumbling along under the eyes of union stewards, listen to shit speeches, nor get kettled with the BB by the cops…

In other words, the usual bollocks, almost complimentary to the planned TUC tedium, with the usual denounciations, the usual police and press outrage…

There must be something better than that- I suppose it would be too much to ask to have some actual unity, to march with other un-politicised workers, perhaps in a single angry, disciplined, block under a single banner, with a single voice and one simple message- drawing the old bill down on the demo, to show the ‘ordinary’ union members what they’re really facing, rather than the split-off runaround where the force of the state is employed to separate and suppress  those ‘dangerous elements‘, who are supposedly dangerous to ‘ordinary people’ and ‘families’ on the main demo…What message should be used? I suppose you could do worse than-


Though I’m not holding my breath…


Len McCluskey, leader of the UNITE Union and Uber-Trot, says that there might possibly, could be, co-ordinated strike action within a few months’ this winter or perhaps early next year, or maybe the year after that if it clashes with his all-in jet-sky holiday in the Seychelles, or his winter  sojourn in the Caribbean or wherever he decides to go, and depending on the policy whims of millionaire lawyer Edward Millipede, Leader of the Ciabbata Party and whether or not it fits with his new leftist vision for a reformed, moral and responsible capitalism…

The strike action will probably  consist of lacklustre lunchtime pickets of workplaces and a mass ‘grumble-in’ in staff rooms across the country as  a vicious, ‘militant’, one-day strike could possibly paralyse Our Great Nation’s Economy and may make very small children cry across the land, at the thought of all those lost profits.

Yeah, that’ll learn those tory bastards and their banker friends. Will it fuck.

EDITED TO ADD 16.10.12:-




Brendan Barber, retiring TUC boss blew bubbles out of his big flabby arse announcing the ‘Future That Wanks’ demo on the 20th October…According to the press, he was ‘scathing’ in his argument to reform and improve capitalism, however he made no comment on the whopping fat pension he is about to collect…Dave Prentis, leader of Unison did some whiney mumbling in the background, but he was so underwhelming, nobody can recall exactly what he said- possibly something about biscuits

UPDATE 11/09/12-

The Government Broacasting Corporation reports from the TUC conference- ‘The trade union movement’s conference overwhelmingly backed a motion which also called for a “coalition of resistance” to “austerity measures”….This must include “taking co-ordinated action where possible with far-reaching campaigns including the consideration and practicalities of a general strike”… Basically a ‘feasability study of practicalities’ of a Trot wet-dream, which will probably take a good few months grinding through the union bureaucracies…Even if the TUC decided to hold a General Strike, it would consist of a single, miserable, drizzly day with tedious rallies rather than a indefinite strike telling Capital to go fuck itself (or we’ll raize your mansions to the ground…). Meh.



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  1. scherben

    I think I’ll be watching the Black Bloc on News 24 like in March 2011.
    You’re right, though. The Black Bloc do need to explain themselves, but how? No mainstream media outlet will give them a fair hearing; and those outlets that are left will be heard or seen by no-one.

    To be fair, the march and -to a lesser extent- the speeches, will give their participants a feeling of solidarity and ’empowerment’ rather than the usual impotent rage; so it does have one use (though you’ve covered that theme with its implicit ultimately futility on the fourth line of the post).

    I think an issue is that people don’t see the rich as a misfortune, but as those who’ve got their lives right. Everyday there’s a barrage of telly and newspaper propaganda about how entrepreneurs are the way forward for all; how you can earn money off property (or rather the work of others, whose right of decent accommodation is there for your enrichment); how ‘greed is good’ and those who think otherwise are fools and ‘politically correct’ (now a term of abuse); how there’s no other choice at all. To break down these conditioned behaviours is going to be exceptionally difficult; and I’m certainly not intelligent enough to provide an answer. The fact that I’m against coercion makes the task even harder; the psychos and nazis have the easy option there, unfortunately.

    • Agreed, and even the advent of a massive crisis with a fall in living standards, which might shake people out of their profoundly mesmerised materialist apathy, runs the risk of a rise in popular authoritarianism, state-sponsored or not, with all the attendant charms of scapegoating, and murdering, minorities for that feel-good-factor that makes everything alright again…

  2. Aidan

    “The unions have become little more than extensions of the insurance industry …. when it comes down to it will agree to any demands that Capital puts upon proletarians (see, for example how the Greek Trade Unions have behaved- and now Greek workers are looking at the abolition of a work-free weekend- that’s right, a six-day week…”

    i recently got involved with my union (PCS) and found out that a lot of what we’re doing is fighting personal cases – we have people with terminal cancer being told by ATOS that they’re fit for work. The unions are not there to lead the revolution. They’re there to represent their members. In my limited experience your average union rep is a salt of the earth socialist. A union is not its leadership – it’s its members.

    • Oh I know full well they’re not there to ‘to lead the revolution’- in fact they are an obstacle to it. My experience of most union officials is that they are self-serving shitheads who do bugger-all for ordinary members if they can get away with it, and while the reps may be quite left-leaning/socialist/ Labour types, they are prone to constant conciliation with management and the power of those officials who will do nothing to affect the standing of the Labour Party (especially if they run the local council). I am a Unison member, and by all accounts, virtually 80% of the management of my local govt department are ex-union people, and they are the ones implementing central goverment’s cuts. Our branch secretary holds court in a fucking pub and is well in with the bloke who used to run the local TU council, and is now in charge of local planning- with all the associated corruption, bungs and bribes with local business…Sure they’re supposed to ‘represent us’ but they can’t, or won’t, even do this properly.

      • Aidan

        I’m not, I hope, overly idealistic about unions and I’ve certainly seen corruption in the past. My current union (PCS) covers many workplaces and many employers and in some of those workplaces the battle for workers’ rights or even union recognition is fierce. Maybe I just happened to join the right branch of the right union at the right time but the Labour Party is not even on the agenda where I am. We don’t give money to them either. Nationally most members can’t be arsed to vote and locally many members scab. Same as most unions these days. I do however still believe that the union is a worthwhile organisation until something better comes along. Nothing is possible without organisation.

      • Or nothing is possible without disorganisation as a precondition for organisation- disorganising the way people think, before they organise constructively, autonomously, outside the usual bounds and methods that have gone before…

  3. Tod Palin, leftie scourge

    I hope the traffic wardens, and dog catchers go on strike along with our local part time climate change coordinater (£30.000 pa) and all the officials in the energy conservation department of our
    council together with the wheelie bin inspectorate and not forgetting those industrious workers in the planning departments who so diligently find loopholes in conservation orders on natural habitats in order to facilitate the developers wish to provide homes for all. That should pose a revolutionary confrontation.

    • Been reading the Daily Wail again have you?All those petty little concerns over local bureaucracy and taxpayer’s rage etc. While I agree that the vast majority of state efforts to combat the environmental damage wrought by our species through capitalism are generally bollocks and plainly pathways to more profits, I can’t agree that some of them are actually unnecessary- like recycling, which is a vast scam that fails to tackle the roots causes of the problem and would otherwise be a sensible thing to do…

  4. Aidan

    “Or nothing is possible without disorganisation as a precondition for organisation- disorganising the way people think, organise constructively, autonomously, outside the usual bounds and methods that have gone before…”

    Agreed, but I think this is an argument that can be best made by example – deeds not words – as it’s so alien to the way we’re taught to think. I’m impressed with what SolFed & the IWW have been doing over the last year or so in organising amongst low-paid workers and temps and I see this as a way forward.

    • Being a bit of a cynical cunt, I disagree, in that those organisations are merely capturing influential positions within union hierarchies (however lowly), competing with Trots and the like, and effectively reproducing the very same structures all over again, not only that, but they are fundamentally engaging in reformist systems and will be prone to all the pitfalls that that implies- may as well engage in representative democracy, and that’s been done too with the IWCA, with similar results…

      • Aidan

        and the alternative is?

      • Give that man a cigar! I don’t know, I don’t have all the answers, whaddya think I am a frikkin guru!?

        Best reply I can offer while slightly inebriated is: Look into the Italian autonomist movements or read some Andre Gorz or some Vaneigem (and then maybe re-read him too) Pushing through the horseshit of dead ideologies and figuring out how to eliminate ‘false consciousness’ is fucking hard work – and yeah, Marx was a genius, but only in his analysis, up to a point, but not in his remedies… 😉

  5. Tod Palin, leftie scourge

    Thanks for the Daily Wail comment. Still left wing enough to attack sources rather than arguments. Please try to refrain from attributing to me views I would never hold. I am still enough of an anarchist to bear a grudge against state or council officialdom – even if its alleged purpose is benefial. Perhaps Dail Mail readers are concerned with cutting taxes; I am concerned with arbitrary power exercised by the do-gooders, especially those imposed on us by the state. For this reason I am critical of local authority attempts to combat climate change. Trouble is lefties adopt consequentialist ethics. Go beyond that and we have the basis of a revolutionary outlook.

  6. Aidan

    Strangely enough I’m currently (slowly) reading Bonanno.

  7. It’s all Hegelian.The problem lies in the fact that we are trying to find a solution the the said problem of capitalism, when really the problem is that the solution being offered exists as a part of the original problem.Thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis. The anti-thesis to capitalism, the solution, only exists because the thesis of capitalism exists in the first instance and vice versa, the two ideas feed off each other and perpetuate through conflict, the eventual synthesis of the two, the compromise, or the new thesis which will then have it’s anti-thesis and the cycle continues. The Hegelian Dialectic, and the system of economic control born out of continuous conflict. The problem isn’t one idea or the other it’s the greater system of control gained through divide and conquer.

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