“Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive.”

…so said Joe Biden, Vice President of the US in his support for Obama’s party nomination for the the Pestilential Election in November…

This statement beautifully encapsulates American foreign and domestic policy for the last 20-odd years, inadvertantly outlining, with exquisite irony, the fact that the US Military is the world’s  single-largest purchaser and consumer of hydrocarbons -oil and petroleum products, using more oil than 85 percent of all other countries combined…See how the ‘gas-guzzling’ HumVee has gone from being a military vehicle to a civilian recreational one, with all the macho status and penis engorgement that it implies…

So in order to coerce, manipulate, bomb and invade oil rich nations, the US military must coerce, manipulate, bomb and invade oil rich nations…A perfect negative feedback loop. Given that oil production is falling at a rate approaching an average of  7% per year, well, you get the picture…

So, should Obama’s poll ratings begin to drop before the election in November, there’s a good chance we’ll see the long-advertised war against Iran/Syria kick off- failing that, there’s always the post-election period, when it becomes obvious that the USA’s 16 TRILLION dollar deficit won’t be reduced in the space of ‘four more years’…despite having had all that ‘Hope and Change’ saccharine thrown at it…So Kissinger’s boy is rock-hard for some ‘shock and awwww’….

Uhmerica- dontcha just love it?




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3 responses to ““Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive.”

  1. Look scout, it isn’t like I’m not aware of any of the above (btw it’s missing the HLS orders and issuance of hollow point ammunition, the TSA searches and scanners and the Intellistreets system)…as for you abusing me and your criticism that I don’t ‘believe in discussion’, well, I’m fairly tolerant- but have my limits. So don’t think I won’t cut your democratic balls off and delete everything you send me, whether it’s for public consumption or your weird private messages intended to ‘amuse’ me despite the fact that you evidently despise me and my ‘politics’. I just find it all rather tedious, on top of the banality of everyday living. Set up your own blog FFS, it’s quite easy to do and it seems you have puh-lenty much to say…

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