Michael Fallon, the new Tory minister of state for business, has called for an end to the “politics of envy in this country” describing entrepreneurs as “Olympian champions”, and that ‘wealth creators’ ought to be ‘saluted’…

What he fails to realise is that this is already being done, with older men ‘celebrating’ the wealthy by hanging themselves, throwing themselves under trains or taking overdoses.  The Office for National Statistics is reporting that the number of suicides among men aged over 55 has gone up by 12%.  They also said:-

“Previously, periods of high unemployment or severe economic problems have had an adverse effect on the mental health of the population and have been associated with higher rates of suicide,”.

“Evidence is emerging of an impact of the current recession on suicides in affected countries.”

This is good news for undertakers and pathologists, and will undoubtedly free-up some of the  much needed social housing stock, more than that, the elimination of so many ‘useless eaters’ will relieve the appalling welfare burden that an excess of  labour puts on the state, but is naturally bad news for all the families and friends of those whose loved one’s mental health is mercilessly destroyed by the economic logic of capitalism.

The champions of shit and corruption are the ones who ought to pay the price for gambling with other people’s lives,not  the people who actually create the wealth through selling their labour at a loss so that the wealthy can gorge themselves on material trinkets at their expense. The lying, thieving, greedy cunts measure us by their own standards- I’m not envious of their empty, fearful and facile love of accumulation, to some degree I actually pity them, but what they fail to understand, through a willful ignorance and through a reptilian guile, is that we hate them because they steal from us, steal our basic needs, whilst claiming  moral superiority and  harbouring a deep contempt for the very people who make them rich…



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  1. Aidan

    Timely post. I lost a friend to suicide in the Thatcher recession. I miss my friend. Back then there were people jumping off motorway bridges after their dole was stopped because of some technicality or other. People were hanging themselves because they couldn’t pay their mortgages. We’re not just talking about men in their 50s here. These people were in their 20s and 30s. I think we’re back there now. Fuck it.

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