The report into the Hillsborough disaster, which happened during the semi-final between Liverpool FC and Nottingham Forest on 15 April 1989 at Hillsborough Stadium, Sheffield, where 96 people died as a result of crowd asphyxiation , has found that the fans were not to blame for their own deaths and injuries, as the Police and State has maintained for the last 23 years. The report details the lengths the South Yorkshire Police went to, to blame the victims for their own deaths, including testing blood-sugar levels of the dead to ‘prove’ that the vast majority were drunk and had therefore contributed to the circumstances that lead to the crush. They even took blood from a dead 10yr old, and when the Police failed to find any evidence of alcohol use in two other cases, they illegally accessed the Police National Computer to determine whether the victims had criminal records, again, to implicate them in their own deaths…It turns out that 116 out of 164 police statements on the disaster had been altered after the event- they fiddled them basically, lying, so that their force could deflect the blame for the disaster… Subsequently the press, successive governments and the coroners courts (returning ‘accidental death’ verdicts despite the evidence) all connived to cover-up the truth of callous Police negligence and sheer incompetence. Rupert Murdoch’s shitrag, The Sun notoriously made a huge effort to denigrate all Liverpool fans as drunken and violent and blame those who died for their own demise. The Hillsborough Justice Campaign ran a successful national boycott of The Sun, and now no self-respecting Scouser would touch it with a barge-pole as a result.

The ruling class in this country has always had a special hatred of Liverpool as a city, partly due to its Irish heritage , but also because of the militant resistance to capital that the Liverpudlian working class has always offered up-from the Dock Strikes of 1890, 1995, the transport strikes of 1911, the revolt of 1919 all the way to the riots of 1916, 1981,1985 and 2011, and (sadly misguided) support for Derek-Yuppy-Socialist-Hatton’s ‘Militant’ Trot City Council…On the day of the Hillsborough disaster, fans spontaneously organised their own rescue and first aid for the victims, since the authorities failed to give a shit on the day- since then Solidarity has been the by-word for the city’s solid support for the survivors and families of the victims, (which even cut across the traditional rivalry with Everton fans)…

Only now, after years of tireless work by the Hillsborough Justice Campaign has the truth finally seen the light of day, and the campaign is now calling for new inquests to be held for their loved ones, to return verdicts of ‘unlawful killing’ as opposed to the original lie of ‘accidental death’…

The State always blames its victims, whether they are Liverpool supporters in 1989, Catholic Civil Rights protesters killed during Bloody Sunday in 1971 or Kenyan or Malayan people butchered as ‘insurgent’s in Britains Colonial wars, to protect them from the righteous wrath of ordinary people, proletarians or peasants, whose lives they consider cheap and unworthy of human dignity  or respect.




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