So, an obscure, crassly blasphemous anti-islamic YouTube video, that seemingly came out of nowhere, has inflamed the ever-hyper-sensitive sensibilities of Conservative, Salafist, Fundamentalist, Islamist and Jihadist muslims across the Islamic world…Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan- resulting in one dead US Ambassador, three other deaths, many injured and other embassies under protest and violent attack.

Well, how fucking convenient for Emperor, sorry, President Obama as he heads towards the campaigning season leading to the presidential elections, that’ll boost his poll ratings as he talks tough about terr’ism and ‘protecting our Volk abroad’…

Meanwhile the Federal Reserve Bank has announced it will be injecting $40bn a month into the bond markets to keep the banks afloat (and definitley not to help ‘Main Street’ and the ‘little people’ on it) an infinite monthly bailout, raising the spectre of soaring inflation across the Western world, with concommitant food price rises globally, sparking yet more discontent and revolt in developing nations. They have no option but to ‘print’ money through this form of backdoor Quantative Easing- the alternative would be setting negative interest rates or slashing Federal US social spending- both which could potentially cause a massive depression.

I fully expect a major war in the Middle East very soon, and would not be surprised if Israel’s Mossad or some covert US agency were behind the film, ‘The Innocence of Muslims’ (where the entire cast have now gone on record as having been duped by the ‘film-maker’ and distancing themselves from it), all with the aim of economic ‘creative destruction’, the capture of more energy resources, and as a way to obscure the real causes of the financial crisis and its repercussions…The scene is being set -engineered- for a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions.



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