As the ANC  government mobilises the army against the national wildcat strike by South African miners, we can only marvel at their rejection of the straightjacket of union control- where in some cases, workers have demanded the removal of  ANC-sponsored  NUM shop-stewards from the mines. They have also refused to be represented by any official unions and will not negotiate with them on their demands for decent pay,  and are organising their own meetings with management, on their own terms.

Meanwhile, power-hungry scumbag and millionaire populist demagogue Julius Malema (formerly of the ANC’s Youth Wing) is trying to capitalise on the strike to increase his chances of a bid for power…This man, who is building a R16m mansion in a rich suburb of Johannesburg, (complete with swimming pool and bunker), projects himself as a champion of the poor, but lives a lifestyle derived from corruption and tax avoidance, a million miles from the poverty that most South Africans are forced to live in.

The working conditions of South African miners have changed very little since the fall of Apartheid as the ANC government and unions have nicely accomodated the western mining corporations and lined their own pockets in doing so…while the miners themselves have to go to work in the ragged clothes they stand up in, with fuck-all safety equipment to dig-out the precious minerals that enrich the global elite.




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