El Presidente Camoron last week declared that the Trades Union movement in this cuntry are a ‘threat to the economy’ – not the corrupt and greedy bankers who have managed to bugger the capitalist goose that laid the golden egg (and then still scrape up the yolk for themselves), nor the successive Labour and Tory governments that preferred to borrow on the international markets rather than tax their City chums and drive up the national debt…Naturally enough, seeing us surly and ungrateful workers as a threat to UKplc,  Cameron has also laid plans to break any supposed ‘General Strike’ by using the Armed Forces.

Now this is where it gets funny, cos not only is there fuck-all chance of the TUC calling a general strike, (and even if they did it would be one measley single day’s worth), but also cos Tory MP Penny Mordaunt has piped up to say that having ‘our boys’ on seven-day alert to combat the public sector 5th column would damage their morale, given that they are facing major cuts themselves, re-organisation and a pay-freeze themselves…then up pops the MoD to say that it would be ‘unrealistic’ to have troops doing anything other than doing work that covers ‘public safety’, and would simply be unable to scab all the work done across the cuntry by millions of working class people, ad even if it could be done, it would put the army in a blatantly political position as house-servants of the bosses and range then against their own kith and kin.

Given that the world appears to be ‘going to hell in a hand-basket’ with the Islamist embassy stormings and the ratcheting up of tension between China, Japan and Taiwan, it would seem the military has more than enough on its plate to ‘deal’ with- and things don’t look too good all round, as the US Fed, the ECB, the Bank of England have all embarked on ‘money-printing’ program to create more debt to solve the problem of debt, driving prices up and wages and savings down, it looks as though proletarians around the world are going to be given the choice of cheering for, or fighting, a war against manufactured foreign enemies, to prop up the rich, or waging a class war against the fuckers who created the crisis in the first place…

(See this on China’s industrial unrest, compared to the CCP-orchestrated bullshit of anti-Japanese protests and ‘riots’-

China in Revolt )



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