INCUBUS SEZ- Fuck, if the cops raided me for ‘criminal literature’ and black clothing, they’d have a field day…Seriously though, the First Amendment seemingly stops at ingesting ‘radical’ ideas written by others expressing their freedom of speech, and without readers, what use is a book? Fascist Cunts. Oh yeah and-


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This scares overseas working and living Americans from returning to the USA.  This is not the land we grew up in and knew.–kas

Young Persons Called to Private Grand Jury for Owning Books

By tom 

Just a few weeks ago, an FBI task force raided a home in Portland, Oregon very early in the morning. They broke down the front door with a battering ram and threw in a stun grenade, which is non-lethal but produces a very loud and disorienting noise and a blinding bright light. The team locked down the building and secured the sleepy, compliant occupants. The operation was one of several which also occurred in Olympia, WA and Seattle, WA, involving some 60-80 officers.

Just who were these dangerous criminals, these domestic terrorists whose threat level is so high that an FBI team with stun grenades, battering rams, and assault rifles needed to…

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  1. Bot52

    Goes hand in hand with the indefinate detention of american citizens without charge or trial (NDAA as I guess you know!) that Obami won back a day or two ago. Not disneyland anymore is it!

    • Yup, and the ‘lawful’ ‘termination’ of citizens by the Pestilent of the USA- a funny kind of freedom you have in the ‘land of the free’…Still, at least the murder of people by the state is now legally sanctioned, how reassuring…!

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