‘dealing with incendiary boss’

-another search term used to find this blog…My best advice is to find the bastard’s weak spots and sabotage the cunt, make him look as bad as possible in the eyes of his superiors (that’s if you don’t have union representation, but to be honest they can be quite fucking useless), do your job flawlessly, be impeccable, untouchable, and pick your moments, when you have trusted witnesses who are prepared to back you up, to trip him up if he harasses you, verbally, or in any other way. Record everything and always think two or three steps ahead  so as not to be caught out- don’t do anything illegal if you can help it, and always cover your tracks. Be seen as totally reasonable in the eyes of his superiors, be rational, crystal clear and don’t back down. It worked for me, over-ordering stock, ‘losing’ vital paperwork down the back of the safe and making him look like a complete and utter incompetent, bullying twat…he ended up weeping at his desk after getting the sack, or, rather, being ‘asked to resign’. Job done, shithead fucked-up and binned. Sorted.




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6 responses to “‘dealing with incendiary boss’

  1. Anonymous

    haha, too good, did you get to actually watch the tears running down his face??

  2. Aidan

    Ah, office politics and office guerrilla warfare. There’s a book or two waiting to be written here.

  3. Anonymous

    Hey tosser, want to do some research? Follow the links in the vid. check out Staneley Inc. Find out whats happening. Yes its off topic, but then you are.

    • Gee, thanks Tod, but if you look at my post ‘Propaganda,jack’ you’ll see that I already knew this, and yes, dude, you are off-topic and shoulda posted this comment there for maximum effect. C’mon man, get with the program! And stop with the passive-aggressive ambivalence already! Honestly…

  4. scherben

    What a beautiful image; some cunt crying in front of his victims

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