Sunday night, 2000 workers at the Taiyuan Foxconn factory rioted against the brutality of private security guards after the goons beat up a fellow worker-. The Foxconn plant, in the city of Taiyuan, in central China, employs about 79,000 workers, one of many giant factories in China producing Apple gadgets for the world market, and renowned for the punishingly tedious production-line work, low pay and regimented, totalitarian management methods. The media in the west are portraying the riot as a ‘brawl’ between workers, presumably to blame ‘unruly’ workers for the violence and so as not to damage Apple’s brand…This is good news, since only a few years ago there was a wave of suicides of workers who despaired their lives and working conditions and chose to destroy themselves rather than the architects of their exploitation and immiseration…

A wave of industrial and urban unrest is sweeping China as the tensions and contradictions of industrial capitalism are made manifest- hence the recent state-sponsored ‘spontaneous’ outburst of anti-Japanese nationalist war-fever over the disputed Diayou/ Senkaku islands in the South China Sea. A ‘four-minute hate’ extended to four days…



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