With the outburst by Tory Minister for Social Inequality Andrew Mitchell directed at a guard-cop at Downing Street,  we have to wonder what sort of psychology the millionaire boss class labours under- on the one hand, they certainly must revel in the material and sensual pleasures they derive from their wealth, all the luxury items they can afford, the high performance cars, the Rolex’s, the multiple homes and holiday residences, the solid gold bogroll-holders, the expensive clothes and furniture and then there are the mistresses, the high-end escorts, the rentboys, and the Dominatixes they can hire to satisfy their jaded desires, on the other, there must be a great deal of a rather pathetic and primitive ego-satisfaction from having so much power and wealth…

It strikes me that the need to belittle the very people who create the wealth is born of a contempt verging on the sociopathic, where any liberal paternalistic feelings are negated by a very real hatred of ‘ordinary’, poor or working class people. In part I should imagine their contempt comes from the sad fact that all too many proletarians swallow the shit of politicians, bankers and businessmen and women whole, and internalise the lies that are spewed daily, whether it be economic improvement, ‘green’ policies, promises of reform or the ideology of ‘self-improvement’ and ‘opportunity’.  Quite simply the scumbags laugh at us and take us for dupes…But then there is something else too- it’s their fear of being rumbled, like the MPs expenses scandal, the Libor rate fixing, the News of the World hacking revelations and any number of banking scandals of the last five years. The rich seriously shit their Aquascutum knickers when they think we’re onto them- and in order to keep that fear at bay, they must hate us, out of necessity, so much so that no weakness must be shown in front of ‘the natives’, lest we manifest our collective power and destroy them and their twisted system.  In short, they hate us for our potential power as a class, for the spectre of communism, for the possiblity that one fine day we’ll turn round and evict them from their mansions and strip them of their pathetic baubles and toys, that one day they too will be ‘plebs’ like the rest of us…



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  1. Aidan

    Like the slave owner, the plantation owner, the factory owner, the mine owner, they hate and fear us.They rejoice in robbing us blind but they sleep with a gun beneath the pillow, with a bag packed ready to flee. The rich are scared. Which is how it should be.

    Off topic:I don’t think anyone else has said this – your use of graphics is really powerful. Top work mate.

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