Manifesto #25s surround the Congress (Madrid, Spain)  

‘We, ordinary people are fed up to live with the consequences of a system conditioned by and forced to adapt itself to the markets, which is in every respect insupportable, and has led us to be victims of a large scale scam which has caused this crisis. We unify in order to edit this manifesto. We invite every citizen to unify themselves with the claims we are making in this manifesto. We perceive that the current situation has exceed all tolerable limits and that we are victims of an attack without former precedents from the side of economical powers, who are using the crisis as an excuse. This is ruining our lives and those to blame are them who present themselves as an untouchable oligarchy. This with the complicity of all political forces represented in the parliament, who are manipulating the powers of the State by maintaining their privileges and excessive and illegitimate enrichment. There is no way to hide that we live in a gigantic social fraud, with governments systematically betraying us by doing exactly the opposite as promised in their electoral statements, just as there isn’t any justice in the tribunals against bankers, politicians and business men who are guilty of the current situation. We just have to look in order to see how this structure of vicious and immoral power creates policies that end our rights and destroy our lives, and in order to see how we are victims of an unfair repression when demanding a change of the situation. We believe that the problem is of such a big seize and the roots such profound that any solution will not be founded in reforms based in the actual political system. Therefore we demand:  – The dismissal of the entire government, as well as the dismissal of the Court and the Leadership of the State, because of betraying the country and the whole community of citizens. This was done in premeditation and is leading us to the disaster. – The beginning of a constitutional process in a transparent and democratic way, with the goal of composing a new Constitution. We want to do this with the participation of the whole community of citizens, in such a way that the result will be their own, because we don’t recognize any democratic character in the actual constitution and laws. On the contrary these are drawn by a selected group behind the people’s back and confirm the domination of the heirs of the Franquismo era (the period during dictator Franco ruled) and those agreeing with them. It has to be the people who determine the model of social organization in whom they desire to live – not the opposite way. – The audit and control of the public debt of Spain, with moratorium (delay) of debt’s payment until there is a clear demarcation of the parts which not have to be paid by the nation, because they have been served private interests using the country for their own goals, instead the well being of the whole Spanish community. Equally we demand the prosecution of all this persons who show and present themselves as suspicious of such moves, and we demand that they guarantee and pay with their own goods in the case they appear to be guilty. – The reform of the electoral law, with the design of a new electoral process, in order to really represent the people’s will before any election which will be necessary to supply the development of a constitutional process of democracy. – The immediate abolition of all cuts and all reforms taken against the well fare state with the excuse of the crisis, which set up limits to the population’s rights and freedoms, not only because they mean a disaster for the country, but also because they have been consisting out of taxes betraying the will of the people. – A profound tax reform, which is making to pay more by those gaining more benefits of society. We equally demand the abolition of the fiscal amnesty ordered by the government, since these injustice is a real mockery for those who pay honestly. – The abolition of all the privileges of those holding a political or public position, and the introduction of efficient mechanisms controlling the performance of those positions. – The immediate paralysis of all forced evictions (forced leaving of homes), and to put at the population’s disposal those houses belonging to the banks and companies who have been helped by public funds. – The creation of new jobs, which first premise will be the sustainability, and whose goal will be the development of humanity, as well as a form of management appropriate and adapted to the disposable jobs such that populations can work in order to live – instead of being forced to live in order to work. It is a tremendous hoax when over and over saying we have to work more, a fallacy supported by the greed of the big interests but contrary to the interests of the ordinary people. For all this above explained we make a call to the population on the 25 of September 2012 to manifest in an undefined form at the gates of the Congress in order to obtain the dismissal of the Government and to make the beginning of a Constitutional Process, by making this call of unification of all the fights, strives and wrestling for a more fair Society. We are the overwhelming majority, we are the people, we are right, we will not tolerate this and we will not be walked all over.’

Trouble has already kicked off in Madrid tonight, with vicious riotcop attacks on the largely peaceful protest, as thousands aim to surround the Spanish Parliament, calling for new elections and the for the rejection of austerity, they are facing more than 1300 police and armored vehicles parked bumper-to-bumper.

With youth unemployment above 50% and home repossessions and evictions at an all time high, the Spanish government is dithering over whether to accept an EU bail-out for its national banking system in order to keep the economy from collapsing.  Catalonian Nationalists are pushing for secession from the Spanish state since Madrid refused to loan any more money to the semi-autonomous region, and military sources have indicated they will act to prevent Catalonian independence…This all has something of a Deja Vu feeling about it, and this is 2012 not 1936…All the same, with the development of mass class/state confrontations and the attempt by a section of the middle class to use nationalism to save itself, it is looking increasingly likely that Spain is heading for the sort of crisis that precipitated the civil war and revolution in the 30s- Tomorrow, there is a General Strike in Greece, where similar scenes are expected, as more and more proletarians realise that the poverty they have been pushed into by the international banking cartels is not a temporary situation, and one they are not willing to endure silently…

See this-

‘Spain Recoils as Its Hungry Forage Trash Bins for a Next Meal’


Update, 7.20pm:- The mass of people have broken through police lines and have’surrounded the policia, they are chanting “If there is no solution, there will be revolution”

Update, 8.27pm:- Incredible scenes in Madrid as masses of proletarians outnumber the brutal police, who are attempting to clear them from the area around the parliament- Lots of protesters still seem to be under the illusion that the police are swayed by the morality of non-violence- though many are resisting valiantly…this is a social explosion in embryo.

UKs BBC and SKY News networks fail to cover major disorder in a European capital…Badgers and flooding apparently more newsworthy…Oxbridge bastards who run the media are terrified of contagious international pleb revolt.


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