Paul Kenny GMB union leader, has warned the Labour Party it is “unrepresentative” of working people and dominated by a “political elite”, ahead of its annual shitfest this weekend. Despite this, the GMB funds the Labour Party to the tune of £2m of their members money a year…

In France, millionaires are threatening to leave the country because of the 75% wealth tax imposed on them by the new Social Democratic government of Francois Hollande. The same sort of scum that would happily send workers to war under the banner of patriotism…

The rich, the middle classes and the wealthy bourgeois know no loyalty other than that which they have for themselves and their own class.




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2 responses to “ON THE LOYALTY OF ELITES-

  1. scherben

    Whilst I hope that those French parasites do leave for the sake of the French poor and working class, not only do I doubt they will, I also think the bastards will just pitch up here in the UK; no doubt in the loving arms of scum like Boris Johnson.

  2. Aidan

    Given last years (ahem) disturbances the rich quite rightly regard the UK as socially unstable – likely to kick off at any time.
    Nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide.

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