The World Bank has published a report stating that capitalism needs to generate 600 million new jobs over the next 15 years to absorb a whole new generation of workers globally, or face serious unrest… This, in the face of the worst depression since the 1930s , a massive financial crisis, a worldwide slump in production (more people bought bicycles than cars in Italy last year…), mass automation , and with banks reluctant to lend to anyone…

As they say “Societies flourish as jobs foster diversity and provide alternatives to conflict.”- In other words, the ‘devil makes work for idle hands’…Never mind the fact that the bastards have managed to mis-manage their own exploitation of society. Meanwhile, with the devaluation of the Dollar and the Euro through Quantative Easing, rising food and commodity prices and unemployment, we can only expect more raging class anger to break out sooner rather than later across the world ( – already there are mass protests in Tunisia against price hikes and low wages)…

Good luck with that then!


The World Development Report 2013

Euro Leaders Face October of Unrest After September Rally



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