When war breaks out you will be told it is because Iran is seeking nuclear weapons- Weapons of mass-destruction- just as we were told that Iraq possessed them. When war breaks out you will be told we are intervening in the Syrian Civil War for humanitarian reasons, as a matter of principle to institute democracy and human rights. When war breaks out, you will be told it is to defend the national sovereignty of our Japanese allies and the barren uninhabited islands they claim as their own, but not that they sit in the middle of deep sea reserves of oil and gas and vital shipping lanes.

Iran hasn’t attacked anyone since 1768, although in the eighties they fought a long defensive war against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq (which was backed by the US and Europe), Nuclear-armed Israel have been claiming Iran has been developing a nuclear weapon for the past twenty years, where in fact that country was trying to develop nuclear power under the western backed Shah before he was overthrown by the Ayatollahs with western backing in 1979. Meanwhile, senior US military figures and the International Atomic Inspection Agency does not believe that Iran is making a nuclear bomb. Realistically and ironically, Iran probably already has nuclear weapons secretly bought from Russia or the Ukraine…

When the war breaks out you will not be told about western and Chinese interests in the vast resources in the Caspian Sea basin, about how the west is seeking to thwart the growth of China’s economy and influence across the world.  You will not be told about the many oil and gas pipelines that criss-cross Syria, you will not be told about China’s dependence on Iranian oil supplies.  You will not be told about the massive investments that China has made in mines and potential pipelines in Afghanistan, the ones our ‘brave boys’ (including the one that bayoneted a 10 year old in cold blood) are there, in reality,  to prevent- rather than the specious ‘war on terror’ bullshit. When war breaks out you won’t be told about the double game played by the Nuclear-armed Pakistani ruling class, playing-off the US, the Taliban and the Chinese in Afghanistan and its own mineral-rich province of Balochistan, where the US seeks to pry from Pakistani hands as the Chinese hope to expand the commercial port at Gawar , it has already built, into a naval base.

You will not be told that this will be a war fought by proxy by the last two super-powers, the one declining, the other in the ascendant, that already they are at war in cyberspace, in trade disputes and in the currency markets and that China seeks to make its currency, the Yuan, the global reserve currency for the entire planet as the Dollar dies under the weight of the Federal Reserve’s printing press.  You won’t be told how Chinese money, made on the back of US business out-sourcing and US Treasury debt, is reaching around the world to invest in infrastructure projects from Brazil to Burma, from Australia to Angola, seeking out sources of copper, gold, iron ore, uranium, vanadium, cobalt and coltan to feed its factories and plantations to feed its people. You won’t be told that Europe’s nuclear energy industry is crumbling and lacks investment, how the UK desperately needs Chinese cash to build more power stations in the face of rising oil prices.

You won’t be told that the present financial and industrial slump is causing social unrest in Israel, Indonesia, China, Europe, America that is begging to be misdirected, that in Japan, the population is slowly being cooked by Fukushima radiation and that their economy is as stagnant as it was fifteen years ago, that China has a ‘population surplus’ of young military-age males about to be made redundant by automation and a lack of manufacturing demand. You won’t be told that Iran is now suffering from hyperinflation of its currency due to non-negotiable western sanctions, and that it too needs a way to dispel popular unrest. You will not be told about the destructive power of Russia’s military base in Tajikistan, its naval port in Tartus on the Syrian coast, the Israeli fighter jets in Azerbaijan, the massive Chinese naval base in Hainan or the US fleets now gathering in the Persian Gulf or the South China Sea. You won’t be told of the shortages of petroleum products in the west once the Iranians shut the Strait of Hormuz and the Shiites of eastern Saudi Arabia and Bahrain rise up…


You will be told lies, unremitting, bare-faced lies, lies that are sophisticated, lies that are crude, fed to you by a complicit, undemocratic and cowed news media.  The truth will not come out for decades, and the lies will only be recognised for what they are in the distant future.

In the meantime, hundreds of thousands of people will be thrown into the maw of capitalist giants, their bodies violently processed into so much twisted, burnt and smashed meat, to satisfy a social system that pretends to have their interests at heart as citizens under a social contract with governmental authority.  They will be tragically sacrificed in the name of nation, capitalism, religion, democracy, freedom, honour, right, might and living standards- empty phrases as the heaps of rotting corpses pile-up, the bodies of people who will never again see the pleasures of life- of singing, fucking, drinking, dreaming,  birthing, thinking, eating, walking, drawing,  wanking, creating, building,  writing, laughing or loving- above all else, living and not dying to support a minority of corrupt, debauched and privileged, conscienceless, murdering, pigs.




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  1. Geoff

    Great piece of writing Incubus. I believe our so called civilisation is death centered rather than life centered – for example, the huge amount of violence shown on tv, compared to very little sex, i.e. the destruction of life rather than the creation of life. The whole system stinks like the piles of bodies ( human and animal ) that it creates.

    • Thanks, and yes, as WWII’s US General Omar Bradley said- “We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing than we know about living” and he certainly knew all about killing, having commanded an army in the Normandy landings in ’44…

  2. Anonymous

    This needs to be printed up as a leaflet.

  3. do it. everyone, everywhere print, print, print. mass propaganda – slipped into the inside covers of the metro and evening standard…left on the benches of underground platforms…leave them on buses, on trains… better than standing in the street and stuffing into peoples hands (time consuming and fucking boring)…..make it incidental, assimilated into everyday crap: advertising, warnings about leaving bags unattended, yellow stickers that inform you CCTV is balling you up for your own fucking good – tear up the hegemony. yup yup.

  4. I’ve had a go at formatting this as a one sided A4 sheet to be printed out at will – a PDF can be downloaded from here:

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  6. Keith

    You must not sleep Incubus, to produce yet another lengthy & thoughtful piece. I’m all with the leaflet.

  7. Greg

    Nice polemic incubus, pieces of a jigsaw that will doubtles fit in some way. I have also noticed growing Russian paranoia and distrust engendered by their govt/media towards the ‘west’.

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