Ueli Maurer, the Swiss defense minister has been hinting that the future ‘recovery’ of Europe may not be as wonderful, or as rosy as it’s being painted- Last month the Swiss military held an exercise, called ‘Stabilo Due’ based on the collapse of the European economy, continental political instability and widespread popular unrest… he has also added four battalions of military police to the Swiss army, who will be based across the country- all as part of a modernisation programme for the army. Minister Maurer noted the decline of numbers in armies across Europe- In the UK, as a result of the ‘defence’ cuts, if there were a serious crisis, there would be a maximum of two dozen infantry battalions on hand  ( well under 20,000 soldiers) to deal with a mass outbreak of disorder and civil disobedience -as witnessed in August 2011…Switzerland, as a political entity, has always successfully looked out for its own interests, supplying the Vatican with mercenaries for hundreds of years, staying ‘neutral’ throughout two world wars- but ensuring they kept everybody happy by facilitating trade between warring nations ( The Bank for International Settlements -BIS), turning over jewish and political refugees to the Nazis, or putting them in their own labour camps, securing loot for the many Nazi war criminals on the run and, today, protecting tax-avoiders through its banking system …Always able to turn a profit from a crisis, the political and financial classes in Switzerland have an uncanny knack for looking ahead and protecting both their sovereignty and their assets. We would all do well to see that the writing, is indeed, on the wall…



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