This has to be the first speech by a Tory chancellor that both quotes Marx and mentions ‘anarchists’… Doubtless he mentioned the former as a specious tidbit to throw to the pommandered Tory faithful- but how many ‘small businesses’ are floated on the stock market, how many workers would really willingly trade in their employment rights for company shares? As for regulating The City, well, both tories and labour have proven themselves to be ‘anarcho-capitalists’ when it comes to restraining the greed of their old-school chums, the banksters.  All this smug Osborne flatulence is merely headline-grabbing fluff for denying under-25s Housing Benefit- pushing more people into homelessness, over-crowding, family conflict -and denying people who have been abused their freedom- and trying to divide our class between waged and unwaged by attacking the unemployed, while at the same time belching out more ‘one nation’ spew. So the flacid ranks of tory bosses all gleefully clap their soft little hands as Osborne empties his bowels on our class…

Like most idle rich cunts, he betrays his ignorance of Marx, spouting off how the free market has lifted so many out of poverty- Georgie Porgie, doesn’t appear to know that he’s ‘digging his own grave’? They say they will not “balance the budget on the wallets of the rich“- The more they cut us, the more unrest there will be- and right now we’re only at the tip of the iceberg…



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