Thought I’d have a bash at writing something which, although it lacks a certain sense of burning militancy, may go a small way to making people think differently, perhaps radically, about the crisis-


So here you are marching for a ‘Future That Works’- you’ll eventually get work alright- unpaid, low paid, temporary, part-time work, work without rights, work without collective bargaining, the Tories, Labour Party and the TUC will ensure that- providing the banks don’t crash again. We all know the Tories are posh boys who look down their noses at us plebs, but the Labour Party executive is swimming in millionaires too, and the TUC will only ever take real action if the Fat Cat Union bosses feel threatened themselves- they do what the Labour Party tells them, and they’d never want to jeopardise their seats in the unelected House of Lords.  The people who govern us represent their own interests- we’ve seen this through their parliamentary expenses, we’ve seen this with their cosy relationship with Murdoch and his phone hacking journalists, we’ve seen this with the banking crisis and the scandals- how greedy, corrupt and self-serving they are, and that the bastards really are ’all in it together’. They want to destroy your living standards; they want to destroy your union rights, your social services, your National Health Service, the benefits that you’ve already paid for, your pensions.  If that means forcing the terminally ill to ‘seek work’,-they don’t care.  If that means forcing people to live away from their families or to become homeless-they don’t care.  If that means kids going hungry- they don’t care. If that means people being pushed into suicidal despair- they don’t care. They will bleat about a few broken windows during a protest, as they happily smash people’s lives to bits. They will continue to ‘kill us softly’ with the violence of poverty and fear, until they get what they want. They won’t tax the rich, because they are the rich, and even if they did- it’s literally no skin off their noses. Meanwhile, they’ll tax you anyway through devaluing the pound in your pocket through ‘Quantative Easing’ to prop-up the bankrupt banks – meaning the cash you do have, will actually buy less. They want you to pay the Banker’s bill as the Bankers get ever richer and we get poorer. The Parliamentary Punch and Judy Show changes nothing- the Labour Party agree with the Tories- to freeze our wages, cut our benefits and raise our taxes- they will sell you out, and so will the ineffective Unions.

On top of all this, they want to privatise healthcare, education, local government and social housing- In essence, they want to crush ordinary working people– Why?  So that eventually we’ll have our wages driven into the ground through the fear of unemployment, so that the UK will be ‘competitive’ with low-wage economies like China, India and Brazil- where workers get no lunch, tea or toilet breaks at work, where you have no union rights, health and safety or job protection and are forced to work long hours for peanuts- they call this the Chinese Model, turning a crisis into an opportunity.  That’s the future they’re planning for us all- to work like dogs to enrich an elite that thinks we are merely a means to an end- profits, bonuses and expense accounts.  This is the war you’re in, it’s a CLASS WAR, waged by the rich against the rest of us- and only once you have truly grasped this fact will you be able to do anything about it.  If you put your faith in the Unions, the Labour Party- you’ll be sorely disappointed, because they will rob you blind under the pretext of improving your lives. We know the so-called ‘social contract’ is well and truly broken-that the constant LIES and thieving of the political parties, the media and the bankers confirm the fact that they cannot ever be trusted to govern us with our real interests at heart.  They think we’re mugs and plebs because we accept what they tell us, and because most of us think we should trust the unions or to luck to ‘sort it all out’. The only real way to combat the attack on us is to organise ourselves outside of the usual channels- to govern ourselves more democratically than ever before, whether it’s at work or in our communities, and to become ungovernable – we are the answer- not the people who got our society into the mess it’s in already by causing the Crash- Our imagination and sense of outrage is the answer to the problem- We are the alternative.

“Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.”  -Aristotle



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  1. Tod Palin Lefite Scourge

    Interesting argument. A reminder that subjection to the powerful can be resisted. But I think the Aristotle quote conflicts with his view of human nature, where a society of rulers and slaves is endorsed as the natural condition. In the NE he says:
    ‘For that some should rule and others be ruled is a thing not only necessary, but expedient; from the hour of their birth, some are marked out for subjection, others for rule’.
    Now that is a piece of Toryism.

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