I love this picture of the Chernoe Znamia or ‘Black Banner‘ based around Bialystok, Russia in the 1900s-

‘With a history marked, in the words of historian Paul Avrich, by “reckless fanaticism and uninterrupted violence“, the Chernoznamensty were the first anarchist group with a deliberate policy of terror against the established order. They saw merit in every act of propaganda of the deed, no matter how intemperate and senseless it appeared to the public, as evoking the lust of the underclass for vengeance against their tormentors….Their ranks included mostly students, factory workers and artisans, though there were also peasants, unemployed labourers, drifters, and self-professed Nietsczhean Supermen .Ethnically, Jews predominated, and many members were of Ukrainian, Polish andGreat Russian nationality. The typical age of the Chernoznamentsy was nineteen or twenty, and some of the most active adherents were as young as fifteen years old.’ (Wikipedia sez)

They represent the very essence of romantic anarchist ultra-violence, a tradition continued to this very day, though with a similar lack of success, since they entirely neglected to connect with those workers and peasants who lacked the same level of consciousness and ‘lust for vengeance’, but oh boy, were they natty dressers… Still, everything has its proper time and place…



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  1. Aidan

    By no means an expert on this period in history but obviously someone did connect with the workers and peasants so you got anarcho-communism in the Ukraine with Makno’s Black Guard fighting all comers and building the revolution whilst the workers and peasants of the Ukraine kept the food supply to the cities going. The left is more than a bit sniffy about the non-industrial working class but who the fuck do you think puts food on your plate? Agricultural workers, that’s who. That fat fuck Mao understood it. Why can’t people understand it now? You want a revolution – get the agricultural workers on your side or starve. Rant over.

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