Politically directed police harassment of the population- though no mention of the notorious, murderous, racism that festers in the NYPD…Crime is big business in the US, and business correlates with crime-

Not to forget the ever-expanding private prison system there which uses prisoners as profitable assets and as cheap labour in manufacturing too- As recommended by the Tory government here, where stop and search is just as rife and just as unjustified… Last week the trial of PC Alex MacFarlane, a Metropolitan police officer based at Forest Gate in east London, who was accused of racially abusing 21-year-old Mauro Demetrio in the back of a police van during the riots in August last year, ended without a verdict. MacFarlane was recorded by Demetrio 0n his phone saying “The problem with you is that you will always be a nigger,”- The cop justified this self-evident racism by saying in court that he siad it in order to boost the young man’s self-esteem…”I had formed an impression in my mind that he had low self-esteem,” and that “I wanted him to reconsider his lifestyle, to not view his skin colour as the reason behind the problems he had, not to blame the police, not to blame other people.”. How considerate of him– Form your own opinion.



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