Lord Bichard, rich ex-civil servant and quango-twat, told the BBC the other day that retired people should be made to do ‘community work’ or face losing some of their pension- this work would involve such things as ‘looking after the elderly’-tantamount to being to look after yourself or your partner ( which is what alot of people do already, often in poverty).

We are also being told that in future there will be no state pension worth having and that essentially we’ll all have to work ’til we die, all because those filthy, greedy banksters broke their roulette wheel. Naturally, this sounds not unlike ancient and modern slavery, where every last drop of labour-value was sucked out of people until they became economically worthless, an attitude that is shared by the bosses when it comes to the ageing populations across Europe (the nazis defined such people as being ‘useless eaters’– a term not unlike ‘bed-blockers’ as used in relation to the elderly in healthcare).

It’s as if we are supposed to either apologise for living longer or accept being punished for it. This fits neatly with the Tory government’s recommendations in ‘rehabilitating’ prisoners, to field them out as cheap labour for the corporations to force them to be ‘responsible and productive citizens’ (the very same language used in the education system to churn-out more wage slaves)…Meanwhile, Lord Bichard has an index-linked pension is in excess of £120,000 per annum. What a total and utter BASTARD!

(And it was nice to see that somebody had hacked his Wikipedia page to protest the fact)




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3 responses to “I’M SPARTACUS!

  1. Roger G

    I’m just waiting for the announcement by the Government that people will have to have their lives ended, voluntarily or by compulsion, at the age of 74. This will result in significant financial savings from pensions no longer being paid, bus passes not being used and free TV Licences not being provided. It wouldn’t surprise me if some MPs haven’t discussed this in the Tea Rooms in Parliament.

  2. scherben

    And now that scumbag Duncan Smith wants to penalise people for having more than two children. That should please pedophiles like Savile as more kids are thrown onto the streets younger.

    Also has echoes of a certain government in the Far East…

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