The following is a comment from Damien Engine on the previous posting ‘DARE TO DREAM’-

‘I went to the Bookfair on Saturday no longer calling myself an anarchist (labels seem irrelevant) but sympathetic and still sort of emotionally tied to my involvement in the anarchist movement in the late 80s. I’m glad it’s all still there. But, the most important thing to realise, for all the left, is how completely fucked we all are. An inconsequential irrelevance to most people’s lives. But I don’t think that realisation is a bad thing, it can teach humility and clear the head to see things as they are. We’re fucked. Perhaps the problem today is with people who take their ideas too seriously because they think we’re on the verge of winning? We’re not. We’re fucked. On a related note: my view is that the Class War Fed back in 1991 was it, were on the verge of a major breakthrough symbolised by that amazing International Conference. How did that come about? Because of the times and because of an organisation. Until those things come about, as i might have said before: we’re fucked.’
While I would agree that we are indeed fucked, from a viewpoint of politically organised and effective opposition to the class war now being waged against our class, I’d contend that it is Capital that is well and truly fucked.  The current crisis of capitalism is insoluble and can only lurch into a deeper and more uncontrollable economic maelstrom of unpredictable, catastrophic proportions:-

  • China is entering a hard landing if not an outright economic collapse.
  • Europe is facing a recession, banking collapse, sovereign crisis, and a potential break-up.
  • The US is in a stagflationary recession.
  • Japan is in a sovereign debt crisis, approaching armed conflict with China
  • Inflationary pressures are increasing worldwide: new record food prices will hit within the next 12 months.
  • The risk of armed conflict is increasing in the Middle East as well as Asia along with food inflation creating civil unrest/ riots.

Right now central banks are pumping billions in liquidity into their financial systems, from Tokyo and Beijing, to New York and Brussels.  The US elections means that the world is holding its breath before a new round of economic uncertainty and the strong possibility of war- Greece may yet exit the euro and pull the entire European banking system with it, failing that, Spain may request a bailout where it and Italy must, bizarrely, contribute 30% of their own wealth in order to save themselves through the EFSF…Eventually, global capitalism will hit either a deflationary depression or hyperinflation, (though stagflation is the preferred option, which is what we have now- rising unemployment coupled with rising prices).

Their may not be an organised opposition, but the explosive, ferocious and spontaneous, power of mass collective proletarian action is never far away- (See Albania in ’97 or Argentina ’01-’02), this is what the rich fear more than anything, and are desparate to stave off. Let’s remember that Social revolutions have never been made through political methods…




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3 responses to “ARE WE FUCKED, OR ARE THEY?

  1. scherben

    Indeed the rich do fear; hence the weeping and gnashing of teeth to some criticism over that filthy rich youtube video, and claims the rich work harder, more efficient and do not rob or exploit

  2. Damien Engine

    Agree with that. When the class moves then the left will be playing catch-up. But will the anarchists be in any position to run after? I’m dubious. The fascists and the Trotskyites will know what to do though. Damn their eyes!

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