It’s been brought to my attention that, according to someone on Indymedia, I am an Agent Provocateur, all because of the image I use for the header on this blog, and because I publicised the Oct.20 Radical Worker’s Bloc… Apparently the moderator of the facebook page for the said  Bloc left all the ‘followers’ and ‘attending’ lists open to the public gaze- for everyone, employers and the state, to view (and collect intelligence on) in advance of the march (which was also coupled to an unsubstantiated rumour on Indymedia that the TUC had passed details of ‘violent activists’ to the Met)…

Cock-up or conspiracy? Probably a 50/50 chance of it being either crass anarchist stupidity and incompetence, or a long term intelligence asset, though with the alleged TUC collaboration, it seems likely to be a security service job, as they like to concoct silly, little, convoluted psyops schemes, in this case, with the anarchists being  made to look complete twats all because they ended up doing what the TUC is supposed to have done (and been criticised for) and are thereby are seen to be just as untrustworthy (…yawn, but you got that didn’t you?)- Perhaps the aim is to discredit Indymedia, SolFed and uncle tom cobbley and all, including me, in what secret-statecraft used to call ‘intoxification’.   What I’d give to be a fly on the wall at SolFed’s next meeting though, the poor sods…

Here be the details:-

Proof radicals are being set-up

19.10.2012 18:09

@anon/spurious – where does the article mention black bloc? Either way, if you Google the term “Radical Workers Bloc” (in the brackets) the 2nd hit you get (after the aforementioned Facebook page) is an anarchist website called Incubus, whose artwork features an assassin killing someone with a gun – you can’t get much more agent provocateur than that

If, following the argument made in the last comment, you google the terms “London South Bank University UNISON” and “Radical Workers Bloc” (together, in one search) – to investigate the implication that these 2 entities are in any way connected, the ONLY result is for ANOTHER Facebook page, which presents itself using official graphics of the TUC protest, despite the TUC’s official (“A Future That Works”) march website saying “we are strongly discouraging and will not co-operate with feeder marches”.

If you scroll down through this 2nd Facebook page South London Solidarity Fed say “radical workers’ bloc called by solidarity federation!” – in other words BOTH of the Facebook pages have been created by Sol-Fed, neither has anything to do with the TUC, both are exposing the identities of thousands of activists, and its highly doubtful whether any of the organisations and union branches listed above have anything to do with this event



Or see it here in context:-

Anyway, Indymedia is riddled with shills, trolls, fascists and all sorts of old bollocks, and it looks as though, due to their falling shareprice and dwindling advertising revenue, that FB will be forced to charge their users in future- so what price social network activism in future? Nevermind that it is probably the greatest instrument of mass-surveillance ever created…

Me an Ag-Prov? Provocative certainly, but an agent? Never! .

On with the Apostate Agitation!




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2 responses to “AM I AN AGENT PROVOCATEUR?

  1. Damien Engine

    Are there some seriously paranoid, hysterical people in Indymedia? There’s the Cardiff punk “scandal” that was raised there too. Or have I missed something?

  2. Comontismo

    11th November 1831-11th November 2012 :
    NAT TURNER’S slave rebellion

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