So that’s OK then, a super-injunction against Newsnight and all-comers heals all wounds does it? So whoever the fuck it was, can sleep soundly in their, or some small boy’s, bed, knowing that their revolting  crimes can be ‘redacted’ by virtue of some top-drawer lawyers. Could you imagine it, if any old serial rapist or mass murderer could simply issue an injunction to protect themselves from the legal repercussions of their actions…Meanwhile they can continue with their ‘droit de seigneur’ in a re-enactment of the excesses of the ‘Ancien Regime’ of Louis XVI as portrayed so perfectly in ‘The 120 Days of Sodom’ by the Marquis de Sade. These latter-day Bluebeards, these filthy monsters, who sing the praises of ‘Family Values’, whilst bathed in the maggoty vomit of their own hypocrisy, where the term ‘moral bankruptcy’ could never do their abominations justice. These are our rulers, these paedophiles, the butchers of innocence, and their many facilitators who turn a blind eye at the Masonic shake of a hand or a verse or two of ‘the old school song’. Festering child-raping vermin the lot of them, roiled in a rank, disgusting, sociopathic conspiracy, where they are amply protected by both the legal system and their loyal guard dogs, the Police.  They are a pustulent, parasitic canker that needs to be excised, the whole of Westminster is an Augean Stable that needs sluicing out, that needs cleansing- disinfecting…

Is it any wonder that some believe that only the most extreme revolutionary violence can root out the stinking rot at the heart of the British political system, where only a modern day guillotine would suffice to  end the rule of an utterly corrupt, debauched and merciless ruling class that feeds off the ‘lower orders’ both economically and sexually.

Let them issue their injunctions, call the news editors, threaten careers and legal action; The Court of Public Opinion is now in session, aided by the power of the internet; now that  the rumour-mill is at full pelt, it will do these evil BASTARDS infinitely more harm than if they had been given the full press exposure they deserve.



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