Isn’t it striking that the original meaning for the Ancient Roman word ‘Proletarian’ meant those whose only ‘wealth’ was their children, since they owned no property to speak of…Similar to the word ‘Plebian’ which means those at the shitty end of the social hierarchy, the ‘common people’.

Now we, the proletarians, can see how the ‘Patrician’ class- the aristocrats, the elite, view the children of us mere ‘plebs’- as animals, to be kept like cattle in care homes, living at the whim of the rich to satisfy their depraved fantasies, having already gorged themselves at the trough of wealth, title and privilege, they crave more-in the shape of living flesh to defile. It’s a fact that most of the kids who were raped and molested were from troubled working class families- families that have to endure poverty, poor housing, low wages and benefits and a barely bog-standard level of education. And isn’t it the same class of people from whence the abusers came from that create and maintain the social conditions that lead to dysfunctional family lives and fill the care homes with vulnerable children and young adults? Those ‘responsible’, educated and ‘civilised’ people who determine how society is ordered.

Isn’t it plainly a case of gross social cannibalism, with these obscene parasites feeding off the body of society, infesting and contaminating it? Perhaps those ‘known unknowns’ amongst our ruling class see our children as a ‘perk of the job’ or even as a tax they levy on the plebs for all the ‘hard work’ of simply being an elite.
In the coming days, weeks and months, hopefully we will see the plebs and proles rise up against their paedophile-patrician exploiters. I sincerely hope so, because it is long overdue. How much longer must we suffer the shameful indignity of being ‘governed’ by such ‘people’ and the injustice of them being above the law?

Because ‘social justice’ is not an empty concept- it is a living reality as much as ‘social injustice’ is, and embraces everything about the growing paedophile scandal- from the conditions that lead the victims to being in ‘care’,  to their abuse, and in some cases, their early death, in others, their murder. Justice demands to be served.



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  1. Damien Engine

    I had the misfortune recently of reading CS Lewis’ autobiography, “Surprised by Joy”. What a tedious pile of wank that was. Anyway, he talks very plainly about the sexualised fagging system in the public schools. Not the best kept secret in town I know but it strikes me that old habits die hard for the ruling class, who like nothing better than shafting miners (see what i did there…).

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