As Tom Watson MP has so astutely observed today, the inquiry being set up by Theresa May is just the ‘next stage in a cover-up’ (and before people get too excited about this MP, championing abuse victims, it should be remembered that during the expenses scandal he claimed the maximum £4,800 allowance for food in a single year, and with another MP claimed over £100,000 on the flat they share…)- and that’s quite as it should be,  getting ‘ahead of the game’.

The issue of Conservative Party complicity won’t be dealt with, (unlike the scrutiny of the BBC over Jimmy SaVile), so-

Did Edwina Currie know about Savile’s predelictions when she made him the manager of Broadmoor, since she admits in her biography that she knew that Sir Peter Morrison was a ‘noted pederast’?  Did Thatcher know that her mate Jimmy the Beast was a child-rapist? (what was his security clearance with MI5, what about his friedship with the Royals, Charlie in particular?). What did William Hague know about the information held in the ‘pulped’ version of the Waterhouse Report, why did he allow the inquiry (which was supposed to be the inquiry of all the other inadequate inquiries) to have such a narrow purview; such as NOT investigating abuse that took place away from the care homes themselves?

What did the security services know about all of the establishment paedophiles- given that part of their task is to ensure no establishment figures could be subject to blackmail by ‘foreign powers’, and that they give 24hr ‘close protection’ to senior politicians?

What about all the ‘Tory Grandees’ from Thatcher’s time? What does Ken Clarke know? What does Michael Portillo know? What does Peter Lilley Know? What does Nigel Lawson know? What does Leon Brittan know? What does Norman Tebbit know? What does Derek Laud (close friend of both the Camerons and of Camila Parker-Bowles-Windsor) know? What does Lord McAlpine know? What does Harvey Proctor know? What do Ian and Christina Hamilton know? What did they know of the now-deceased Alan Clark’s notorious predatory behaviour?

[In 1992, Clark revealed that he had had affairs with what he referred to as the ‘Harkess Coven’ – the wife and two daughters of a Judge. This apparently broke a gentleman’s agreement with the Judge to never mention the affairs in public, and the wife and one of the daughters (by then in her mid-30s) went to Max Clifford, who arranged interviews with the Sun and the NOTW. Clark had begun grooming the daughters when one was aged 12 and the other 14. Here’s a quote from Clifford’s autobiography (page 166):

“Josephine claimed Clark exposed himself by showing his erect penis to her and Alison when he collected them from school in his car. She also said he rubbed himself up against them throughout their teenage years.
“Clark’s loyal wife Jane rounded on the family. ‘If you bed people of below-stairs class, they will go to the papers,’ she said snottily. Clark immersed himself in self-pity and said he felt wronged and ‘bitterly traduced by people whom, many years ago, I held in affection and trust.’”]

Did they all ‘hear the rumours’ but do nothing– the supposed ‘great and the good’, the lawmakers of the land? If this is the case (as it is with Currie) then they are all guilty of complicity, as are the Police officers that put their promotion prospects, their class deference and/or their social standing in their Masonic lodge, before upholding the law.

When 78% of all current MPs are millionaires, we can see how easy it would be to dismiss the claims of a few hundred ‘delinquent’ and ‘disturbed’ working class kids, who had nothing but the clothes they stood up in to call their own- while  their bodies had become mere commodities to be traded between the spittle-flecked, rich old letches who basically turned them into sex-slaves. As always, there is one law for the rich and another for the rest of us…



Postscript:- It gave me great pleasure to see David Cameron’s haggared face announcing government action over the North Wales Tory Paedo Scandal- it seems that this crisis (yes, crisis), coupled with demands to release his “salacious” texts and emails exchanged with Rebecca Brooks, make for a very bad impression indeed, harking back to the Thatcher days of Tory Sleaze (little did we know back then eh?)- that, and his abject failure to Gerrymander the electoral boundaries. Which all makes ‘Dave’ a very unhappy-looking Bully Boy indeed…

**I suggest that anyone who wants to understand the full horror and the psychology of elite paedophiles, then they should watch ‘Salo’ by the great filmaker, and comrade, Pier Paolo Pasolini (who touched such raw nerves in Italy in the 60s and 70s, he was assassinated by the bourgeois scum: This film is not for the faint-hearted).



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  1. Salman

    Of course there are no wrongdoers in the Labour party are there? Truly I read this with horror. I expect those who are involved in this to be hung drawn and quartered. You on the other hand would quite happily cover up the sins of the Labour party MPs I am guessing.

  2. Every aristocrat in the land new what Jimmy the perv was into, upper crust don’t give a monkey toss, after all is said and do, the kids that get raped by these Paedophile’s are mostly from the lower class, what the oligarchy call the great unwashed or the riff-raff.

  3. Stephen Jones

    I’ve tried to enhance this paedo list pic. I can make out some names but not all.

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