“Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening, everything must be said again.” — André Gide

Do not be deceived, this is a classic mis-direction. Nobody is talking about gay men, we’re all talking about child-rapists, regardless of their sexuality.

There was, and probably still is, a paedophile ring inside the Conservative Party (and inside Labour too).

High Court Judges, Senior Police Officers, Civil Servants and the media have colluded in a cover-up of their crimes for decades, in effect aiding and abetting their criminal activity, including the destruction of corroborating evidence.

Victims have suffered the trauma of abuse, with all that that implies in terms of people’s mental health, affecting their adult relationships, their ability to earn a living, have a family or earn a living- in some cases people have committed suicide, in others, they have died in ‘mysterious circumstances’. These people, as vulnerable children, were supposed to be ‘cared for’ by the authorities, instead they were abused in the most grotesque ways, and those very same authorities have gone out of their way to protect the abusers, not the victims. Lives have been wrecked, many destroyed.

These people are rich, these people are powerful and these people are monsters. They rob us economically and then they either rape our children or protect those who do.

Cameron can go fuck himself if he thinks that our outrage towards elite child abusers and rapists will be deflected by some specious rubbish that turns our rage into ‘homophobia’. Rape is rape, no means no, children are children.




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  1. GSD owner

    Well said Incubus.This has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with Gay people.Why is he making this completely unfounded and untrue association? Oh, I get it now, Camoron is trying to ‘muddy the waters’.How dare he try to make a link between child abusers and Gay people.Why not make a link between rich and powerful people and paedophile abusers? Or would that be too close to home? I think he knows a lot more than he’s letting on.Savile was on first name terms with the ‘highest in the land’, Prime Ministers, Royalty etc.I find it inconceivable that he was never subject to security and background checks by MI5.They must have known but kept quiet.These people were protected by the Police, Social Workers, Lawyers and the Establishment who, by their inability to act on what they knew, colluded in the abuse.A massive cover up on every level.It’s never too late for Justice and some kind of restitution for the victims.No back pedalling Camoron, no ‘muddying the waters ‘ to confuse the Public about the issues.These are crimes of the utmost seriousness,carried on under the noses of those who had a Legal l Duty of Care, entrusted to look after vulnerable children and Minors.The very least they deserve is some serious jail time and confiscation of assets to provide some kind of financial security to their traumatised victims.To think that ordinary men ( and women) went to jail last Summer for stealing (a) a bottle of water, (b) a pair of mismatched trainers is just incomprehensible.Someone swings on a flag in the heat of the moment.Result? Instant jail. These Criminals ( the REAL ones) have led gilded lives of respectability, power and comfort.They knew full well that their money and prestige would protect them.

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