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Cameron, Clegg, Miliband… all millionaires and all intent on making ‘necessary’ cuts.

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  1. Tod Palin

    As you are busy censoring I posted this on another blog. Given your attraction to sadistic pictures and general approval of violence I started to look into a few things. I am sure you can explain the origins of your slogan: ‘the rich are our misfortune’ .

    ” Perhaps someone might clarify a point about this slogan: ‘the rich are our misfortune’. It is the slogan of the Incubus blog. It is close to the slogan ‘The Jews are our misfortune’, widely published by the Nazis and attributed to von Treitschke. I find it offensive.Given Nazi propaganda it could read ‘The rich Jews are our misfortune’. Check this in Wikipedia.Treitschke was one of the few important public figures who supported antisemitic attacks which became prevalent from 1878 onwards. He accused German Jews of refusing to assimilate into German culture and society, and attacked the flow of Jewish immigrants from Russian Poland. Treitschke has often been misquoted (predominantly by the National Socialists and contemporary leftists) as having coined the phrase “Die Juden sind unser Unglück!” (“The Jews are our misfortune!”) adopted as a motto by the Nazi publication Der Stürmer several decades later. He actually remarked that “Everywhere in Germany you hear the same phrase, ‘The Jews are our misfortune.'” Because of his respected status, Treitschke’s remarks aroused widespread controversy.[2]”

    • Well spotted Troll, but I consciously use the slogan ‘the rich are our misfortune’ as a deliberate inversion and reclamation of the anti-semitic slogan used by the German nationalist and the Nazis. The RICH are just that, RICH, I’m not interested in their religion, just their economic status.

      nazis are scum

      anti-semites are scum

      Trolls are scum.

      You can take your bollocks elsewhere, so no, there’s no censorship but you’re simply not welcome here with your pro-EDL, pro-Tea Party, divisive, manipulative HORSESHIT.


    • scherben

      Godwin’s Law, and complete irrelevant bullshit
      You may have well said that everyone with an April birthday like Hitler is an anti-semite…

  2. Rob

    A man who says Listen Little Anarchist! is someone who well appreciates the Mass Psychology of Fascism and probably doesn’t need lessons in politically correct sloganeering from someone suffering from a surplus of stagnant deadly orgone.
    I’m just guessing.

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